ALBUM REVIEW : Motives - 'This World, Not Dead, Merely Sleeping'
ALBUM REVIEW : Motives - 'This World, Not Dead, Merely Sleeping'

ALBUM REVIEW : Motives – ‘This World, Not Dead, Merely Sleeping’

This ‘Motives’ article was written by Matthew Barton, a GIGsoup contributor

‘This world, not dead, merely sleeping’ – a thoughtful title invoking the societal fears we ignore, the fear that we’ve become passive, that we’re dead inside, the we’ll never wake up. Like the title suggests, this album is a wake-up call, an alarm set by the band for the public, asking us, telling us to break whatever chains we’ve convinced ourselves exist. The lyrics, the guitar riffs, the drums, it’s all anarchic to the core, and it’s better for it.

For a long time in mainstream circles it was thought that hardcore was dead, with bands giving little to anyone except hearing problems and a boom in sales of throat sweets. Not many cried at the funeral, (truthfully it’s difficult to cry and scream through the lyrics of ‘Amazing Grace’) but it appears to have been missed, with more and more interesting bands springing up from the ashes. Maybe like us it isn’t dead, it’s sleeping, and maybe, like us, it has a chance to wake up.

Hardcore’s promising new wakeful twitch comes in the form of Motives’ new album. Anyone unwilling to pierce the outer shell of aggressive, emotional vocals and chaotic first impression won’t get to experience some truly impressive guitar riffs, the varied and rousing punk-inspired drum beats, and the powerful lyrics screaming for change, screaming for compassion. The first track, ‘Operator’, launches the album’s assault with the roar of vocalist Ian Slagle shortly before the breakneck speed drums and racing guitar riffs kick in courtesy of drummer Peter Reilly and guitarist Kevin Burrows, respectively. There is no mercy here, no apologies, nothing to suggest that this genre is dead and buried.

Four tracks later it still hasn’t let up, until it hits the slower, more melodic ‘Wolf’s Den’, succeeding in its intention to showcase the versatility of the band, hitting listeners with some truly inspired guitar work, at times strangely reminiscent of early Black Sabbath, before hitting hard once again with tracks like ‘Forest of Daggers’ and ‘Komorebi’ grinding back in the hardcore genre with nary a mention of its excursion into a more rock/metal feel.  The album is a call to arms with one clear message, ‘change the world for the better, or we’re all dead.’

‘This World, Not Dead, Merely Sleeping’ is available now via InVogue Records.

ALBUM REVIEW : Motives - 'This World, Not Dead, Merely Sleeping'