Melody Gardot
Melody Gardot

ALBUM REVIEW : Melody Gardot – ‘Currency of Man’

This ‘Melody Gardot’ review was written by Henry Smith, a GIGsoup contributor.

‘Melody Gardot’ continues her exploration into the complicated and often emotional world of life-and-love with her third studio album, ‘Currency of Man’.

The pervading emotion throughout this album is one of heartache. People often deal with heartbreak in one of two ways – either jumping from conquest to conquest in order to plug the hole in their psyche, or they implode, withdrawing themselves from society in an attempt to look inside themselves to see what is lost. What is apparent throughout this album is that ‘Melody Gardot’ comes from the latter school of thought, and the resulting songs are a window into that heartbreak. Songs like ‘She Don’t Know’ and ‘Preacherman’ as well as the album title-track tell stories of betrayal, and the vocals are more withdrawn and soulful to reflect that existential pain.

Miss Gardot takes a step back and allows the instrumentals to lead, giving us a more restrained performance filled with the kind of emotion that can only be portrayed by those who have truly felt pain. She wonderfully channels frustration and pain giving us an intimate tour of the inner adversity that helped her to become the artist she is today.

‘Currency of Manis an excellent collection of smooth jazz, but with an earthy, melancholic twist. LP highlights include ‘Morning Sun’, which is suitably more optimistic than anything else on the album – without being outright happy, and ‘It Gonna Come’, which leans slightly into a more mainstream tone while still staying true to Melody’s signature style.

‘No Man’s Prize’, ‘Preacherman’ and ‘If I Ever Recall Your Face’ also impress and offer the LP a darker, almost bluesy tone.

It’s an impressive release from the Philadelphia singer-songwriter and one that will sit nicely with lovers of clever, well written music.

‘Currency of Man’ is out now on Decca

You can see Melody Gardot at one of the following venues…

13th June 2015 – Centre International, Deauville TICKETS

14th June 2015 – Salle Moliere, Le Touquet TICKETS

17th June 2015 – Sausheim, Espace Dollfus & Noack TICKETS

18th June 2015 – Théâtre Ledoux, BesanÇon, France TICKETS

19th June 2015 – Centre Evenementiel , Courbevoie, France TICKETS

21st June 2015 – PALAIS DE LA MUSIQUE ET DES CONGRES, Strasbourg, France TICKETS

22nd June 2015 – Koninklijk Circus, Brussels, Belgium TICKETS

23rd June 2015 – Le Colisée, Roubaix, France TICKETS

24th June 2015 – CHAPITEAU, Blainville Crevon, France TICKETS

26th June 2015 – L’Olympia, Paris, France TICKETS

27th June 2015 – L’Olympia, Paris, France TICKETS

28th June 2015 – L’Olympia, Paris, France TICKETS

30th June 2015 – Festival Jardins Palau Reial Pedralbes, Barcelona, Spain TICKETS

2nd July 2015 – Théâtre Antique, Vienne, France TICKETS

4th July 2015 – Opera House, Vienne, France TICKETS

6th July 2015 – Sepetciler Kasri, Istanbul, Turkey TICKETS

8th July 2015 – Theatre De Verdure, Erbalunga, France TICKETS

11th July 2015 – Zitadelle, Mainz, Germany TICKETS

12th July 2015 – The Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands TICKETS

13th July 2015 – ZMF, Freiburg, Germany TICKETS

15th July 2015 – Théâtre de la Mer Jean-Vilar, Sète, France TICKETS

16th July 2015 – Stravinsky Hall, Veytaux Chillon, Switzerland TICKETS

17th July 2015 – La Pinede Gould, Juan Les Pins, France TICKETS

18th July 2015 – KKL Luzern, St. Niklausen, Switzerland TICKETS

21st July 2015 – Les Jardins du Palais Longchamp, Marseille, France TICKETS

24th July 2015 – Auditorio Parque Torres, Cartagena, Spain TICKETS

26th July 2015 – Kursaal, San Sebastián, Spain TICKETS

28th July 2015 – Auditorio De Vigo , Vigo, Spain TICKETS

29th July 2015 – Cool Jazz Festival, Lisbon, Portugal TICKETS

31st July 2015 – Le Chapiteau, Marciac, France TICKETS

The full track-listing for ‘Currency of Man’ is as follows…

‘It Gonna Come’


‘Morning Sun’

‘Same to You’

‘Don’t Misunderstand’

‘Don’t Talk’

‘If Ever I Recall Your Face’

‘Bad News’

‘She Don’t Know’

‘Once I Was Loved’

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