ALBUM REVIEW : Matrixxman - ‘Homesick’
ALBUM REVIEW : Matrixxman - ‘Homesick’

ALBUM REVIEW : Matrixxman – ‘Homesick’

This ‘Matrixxman’ article was written by Zoe Anderson, a GIGsoup contributor

San Francisco producer and DJ Matrixxman has been fairly prolific on the techno scene for sometime, in both his collaborative work with 5kinAndBone5 and as a solo artist. Homesick is Matrixxman’s debut full length LP and follows very much along the same lines as his previous work. It has a harsh, grimy sound that evokes images of a technological future; a feature that fans will be familiar with. With occasional haunting vocal samples and highly processed synths, Homesick includes enough variation in its tracks to hold listener interest whilst maintaining a hypnotic pace throughout.

There is also a strong house influence on this LP, which will no doubt transition well into a club setting. In a recent interview with SXSW, Matrixxman admitted that he didn’t like to get “hung up on the creative process” and tends to just throw his work out there, moving onto his next project. There is certainly a sense of this in Homesick; the LP is fairly relentless in its processed sound and pushes itself along at a quick pace.

This LP is not meant for easy listening or as background noise. It’s jagged sounds and house inspired beats paint a picture of a dystopian future, probably not that far away from Ridley Scott’s classic futuristic thriller Blade Runner. Homesick’s first track Necronomicon maintains a steady build up, which transports the listener into the technological machine which Matrixxman’s music is set within. The tracks that follow all have their own flavours and personalities whilst incorporating all the clicks and whirs that feature heavily in the minimal techno soundscape.  This isn’t to say however that the whole album is harsh. Packard Plant is one particular track that includes some ambient elements, which have a kind of sinister-uplifting sound to them.

Homesick, as a debut is an impressive one. Matrixxman has, in his career attempted to create a sound which reflects his own obsession with technology. Homesick is therefore an absolute culmination of both geeky obsession and musical passion, which is no mean feat.

‘Homesick’ is out now on Ghostly International

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