ALBUM REVIEW : Love Amongst Ruin – ‘Lose Your Way’
ALBUM REVIEW : Love Amongst Ruin – ‘Lose Your Way’

ALBUM REVIEW : Love Amongst Ruin – ‘Lose Your Way’

This ‘Love Amongst Ruin’ article was written by Rachel Boagey, a GIGsoup contributor

4*Best known as the drummer of UK alt-rock band Placebo, Steve Hewitt has recently been exercising his vocal chords in Love Amongst Ruin, who released their self-titled debut album back in 2010.

While Love Amongst Ruin’s first album was a cathartic delve into Hewitt’s bad divorce from his previous band, their second album entitled ‘Lose Your Way,’ is the perfect mix of rock noir and experimental post-rock. Despite its lyrics expressing an aura of sadness, the new album has an obvious element of growth and freedom, what could be described as an expression of a more concise direction for Hewitt.

The influence of bands such as The Cure and Metallica on the album is plain to see. Entering the fold on the new album is The Cure’s Perry Bamonte, who sets the ethereal tone of the album within the first few seconds of the opening track, also entitled ‘Lose Your Way.’ Dark and atmospheric, the track is one of the strongest on the album, complimenting Hewitt’s voice and lyrical skills.

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Another standout track is ‘Modern War Song,’ which encompasses many different moods and genres, bringing a slight military feel to the table, with the introduction of a native sounding drum beat. A mixture of reverb, harmonies and unearthly qualities, Hewitt explains that the track poses a somewhat political message from a soldier’s point of view. It is “a cinematic war cry for help, robust with musical textures and melody,” he said. “[It’s] full of tension and despair, but with a dreamlike quality to it and with a sad but hopefully poignant message.”

What is clear from the album is that each song is its own individual entity, and despite a continuous momentum flowing the whole way through, there is no clear thread to tie the tracks together.

Although still dark, the album contains elements of light and hope. Comparing it to the band’s first album, there is no doubt that Lose Your Way is contains better production, better ideas as well as bursting with newly found confidence. The album is undoubtedly the rejuvenation from the dust that we have all been waiting for.

Lose Your Way was released on June 30th 2015. The full track-listing for the album is as follows…

‘Lose Your Way’

‘Modern War Song’

‘Watch Myself’

‘Swan Killer’

‘Paper Tigers’

‘So Close’

‘Menace Ballad’

‘Oh God’

Bonus tracks 

‘Lose Your Way Revision’

‘Swan Killer Revision’

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