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ALBUM REVIEW : Lone Wolf – ‘Lodge’

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Quite often the most beautiful and heart-felt music comes from genuine moments of love, torment or loss (and even a combination of three). The new LP ‘Lodge’ from ‘Paul Marshall’ (aka ‘Lone Wolf’) comes from one of the aforementioned moments and the result is a quite stunning album that is as beautiful as it is remarkable.

As the ‘Lone Wolf’ project draws to a close one must applaud the fact that this album even exists. After a challenging 2012 – in which the label-less artist not only had to use ‘PledgeMusic’ to fund ‘The Lovers’ LP – Marshall also experienced  a series of anxiety attacks when confronted with the proposition of having to perform live. The latter condition certainly seemed to be the catalyst for the artist to call it a day and ‘Lone Wolf’ appeared to be no more.

Fast forward to 2015 and things certainly seem to have changed.  Only after discovering ‘The Lodge’ studio in Bridlington was to be sold and converted did Marshall feel it was right to return. ‘The Lodge’ appears to have been the required stimulant for the artist as he not only rediscovered the art of song-writing and production but also created his best material to date.

This release is a master-piece. It drips with emotion throughout and offers no reason for the listener to reach for the stop or fast-forward buttons. If this is to be the final LP from ‘Lone Wolf’ then a finer epitaph you could not wish for. Out of despair and a realisation that he may not be able to perform again the artist has remarkably crafted a truly personal album that resonates with a wider audience.

The instrumentation is simple – with horns and piano replacing the more guitar based feel of his previous releases. There is an almost effortless quality to the vocals – the entire release never seeks to offer any form of bravado but instead mesmerizes its listener from delicate opening to its wonderful conclusion.

I won’t pick and choose favourite tracks; the album simply doesn’t work like that. Experience this release in its entirety – if not always then at least for the first listen. This LP deserves to be recognized for the work of art that it truly is.

The full track-listing for ‘Lodge’ is as follows…




‘Give Up’



‘Taking Steps’

‘Art of Letting Go’

‘Get Rough’

‘Token Water’


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