ALBUM REVIEW : The Hussy – 'Galore'
ALBUM REVIEW : The Hussy – 'Galore' -Photo by Tim Radl Etc. Photographics

ALBUM REVIEW : The Hussy – ‘Galore’

This ‘The Hussy’ article was written by Oliver Holt, a GIGsoup contributor – Photo by Tim Radl
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3.5*Galore is the third record from Wisconsin-based The Hussy, comprising duo Bobby and Heather Hussy, and this self-described trash band have forged a sound that invokes images of the beach, of summer, and of that time you and a few mates started a band in your garage.

Released by Southpaw Records, Galore incorporates more layers and sounds cleaner than their previous albums but retains some raw elements; guitar solos that aren’t pretentious abound and the rough vocals preserve the DIY impression of the music. However, the melodious nature of the guitars, notable in tracks like Not the Weed, Channeling Spiral Stairs and Take You Up give the album a significantly more professional feel – this was something composed in a studio, not a basement.

This side of the album moves away from the trash genre, sounding almost like early powerpop, guitars from an early Zebrahead or Sum 41 album. Simultaneously, Heather’s ‘I don’t care, I don’t know’ in EZ-PZ, one of the standout tracks from the album, layered over fast guitars shows another side to Galore, one that is significantly more punk. This attitude is apparent on Bobby’s twitter, with mantra’s like ‘If yr not pissing off some people yr not doing it right’ and ‘If it feels good do it. If it feels bad screw it’ appearing throughout.

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A carefree approach to life and music run through this record, evident in the subtle changes in style between tracks, as if The Hussy are throwing down the gauntlet to say they don’t care about perceptions of their sound as long as it feels good to do it. The highlight of the record is its consistent ability to produce psychedelic trash music without any of the pretentions stereotypically associated with Psychedelia; there is no holier than thou attitude permeating the sound, no trace of hipster exclusivity.

The album is relatable, nostalgic, and it is this which gives it it’s charm.

‘Galore’ is out now on Southpaw

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