ALBUM REVIEW : Hollysiz – 'My Name is'
ALBUM REVIEW : Hollysiz – 'My Name is'

ALBUM REVIEW : Hollysiz – ‘My Name is’

This ‘Hollysiz’ article was written by Paul Sabin, a GIGsoup contributor


Hollysiz, also known as 33 year old peroxide blonde bombshell actress/singer Cécile Cassel released `My name is’ in her home country of France back in 2013. It has a fresh, energetic sound with aural links back to the eighties works of the likes of Blondie, Kim Wilde and more recently Depeche Mode and that other well known actress/singer Kylie Minoque!

The album, much of which is self penned, takes in many styles with Electro-synth pop trading places with riffy guitars and dark meaningful lyrics.`Better than yesterday’ starts proceedings in a clean cut 80s pop style which is inoffensive but not memorable.

`Come back to me’ on the other hand with its synth laden disco beat, and catchy lyrics becomes more infectious the more you hear it and earns its right as one of the high points of the album.

`OK’ rocks things up with crunchy guitars, urgent vocals and bags of attitude showing lots of promise in musical texture and format. A slightly off the wall `What a man hides’ slows the pace considerably before kicking into gear once again. A dark vocal melody which has overtones of Egyptian music slowly rises and falls over a rollercoaster of guitars and trumpet.

`Tricky game’ takes Siz back to her comfort zone with a dirty, funky beat full of synths and a rocky guitar. What is highlighted here however is her pure tone and range to her voice.

Aptly titled `The fall’, whilst well sung promises greatness by slowly building musical layers but never quite gets there. Likewise, `Miss know it all’ doesn’t help raise the pulse despite the Debbie harry style semi-spoken vocal.

Recovery is quick though as `Sponge friend’ has the band rocking again with jangly, crunchy rhythms and guitar solos with a more gritty sound which really works. You could almost hear elements of The Jam in here.

`Hangover’ gives us a mix of could be a Parisian take on The Clash – Nice!

Hollysiz is good at conjuring up an audio picture with use of soulful, haunting vocals often of a dark or depressive subject and this can be heard on `The Light’ and `A Shot’.

Album closer `Daisy Duke’ provides another twist in the style catalogue of Hollysiz. This time you could be forgiven for thinking you were listening to early Sheryl Crow or Meredith Brooks as there is country guitar and vocal twangs aplenty here. The amazing thing is, she pulls it off!

Overall it’s an accomplished release. However, some tracks don’t sit well with each other so maybe it’s time for the artist to narrow down exactly what musical style she is going to be.

‘My Name is’ is out now on Hamburger Records.

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