ALBUM REVIEW : Heathered Pearls - 'Body Complex'
ALBUM REVIEW : Heathered Pearls - 'Body Complex' - - lead photo by Chad Kamenshire

ALBUM REVIEW : Heathered Pearls – ‘Body Complex’

This ‘Heathered Pearls’ article was written by Kay Child, a GIGsoup contributor – lead photo by Chad Kamenshire

3.5*Jakub Alexander aka Heathered Pearls, releases new album “Body Complex” on Ghostly International. His Polish roots dispensed the brutality of communist architecture as an inspiration, producing a notably serene ambience thus far with debut album Loyal.

‘Cast in Lemon Sand’ –  Within the opening track, we arrive immediately into a sound wave utopia, imagine travelling on an escalator that arrives at a gleaming bright white room, with a slightly sketchy edginess that whispers ‘I’m here’. You are walking through this room wearing a pair of dirty shoes you’ve had for years. But the room stays clean, stays bright. That’s where we are at in the beginning with Body Complex.

Swerving synth sounds provide us with the tranquillity of a glitchy Sunday chill-out session. With just the right amount of cloudiness and clarity combined, it’s hard not to picture a contemporary setting with ‘Sunken Living Area’. Atmospheric additions come impressively fast and hard with ‘Personal Kiosk’. Breaks and changes become paracompact and digestible, loops can be easily forgiven when they turn up sounding as fresh as this.

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‘Holographic lodge’ leaves you with a sore impression that transhumance has transcribed. The future is written and we are hearing it right now. Few genres of music inspire such thoughts of grandeur and even less artists seek to yield this. One can only assume Alexander had this intention in mind; to present a powerful sound.

The remaining arrangements provide the same impression of architectural orchestration, pieced together with purpose that leaves a few rough edges. Sounds to sooth anxieties and provide sanctuary, at a steady and conceivable velocity. A strong sense of finity ensues and it becomes easy to forget where we began. Penultimate track ‘Warm Air Estate’ carries us to the exit with a creeping sense of fearful apprehension, swiftly we are pushed through and out by an uplifting resonance in ‘Thought Palace’.

A collection not quite strong enough to impede biorhythms, but ambient enough to call beautiful. Recommended as a steady platform to allow yourself to elevate.

‘Body Complex’ is out now on Ghostly International.

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