ALBUM REVIEW : The Good Life - ‘Everybody’s Coming Down’
ALBUM REVIEW : The Good Life - ‘Everybody’s Coming Down’

ALBUM REVIEW : The Good Life – ‘Everybody’s Coming Down’

This ‘Good Life’ article was written by Rosie Conning, a GIGsoup contributor

3.5*‘Everybody’s riding the ferris wheel’ and you’re certainly in for a grand ride!

Theres alway a risk in releasing new material after a lengthy time away from the musical-limelight. After an eight year gap, Omaha based band The Good Life were taking such a risk with their new album (‘Everybody’s Coming Down’), but thankfully this highly anticipated release does not disappoint.

The Good Life take on a slightly more rocky approach than that of their 2007 release ‘Help Wanted Nights’. However, the bands infectious melancholic tones remain, and you could even argue that this new edge has given the band a fresh and more powerful sound. Sure, the sound isn’t particularly original but this safe approach to the production allows the song-writing and expression to come from other areas.

It’s no secret that their 2007 album, ‘Help Wanted Nights’ gave them something to live up to (a collections of tracks relating to fictional meetings in a dive-bar), but ‘The Good Life’ definitely delivers. The album offers an alternative but beautiful environment in which Kasher can recite his personal accounts. Kasher seems to have adopted a singing voice that could, in places, easily be mistaken for Darwin Deez, with his distinct and edgy tone. This when combined with Stefanie Drootin’s elegant and well placed vocals, provide moments of stand-out beauty.

The highlight of the album, ‘Everybody’, is delightful triumph. It features a smooth combination of sleazy guitars  and meaningful lyrics with an infectious slow thumping baseline. ‘Everybody’s riding the ferris wheel … we’re all bystanders of our own lives’ Kasher tells us. It’s thought provoking music but created with lasting melodies that offer a real likability.

‘Happy Hour’ and ‘Flotsam Locked Into a Groove’ unfortunately don’t offer the same aforementioned formula but this is an LP about lyrics and spoken word. There are clear messages and stories here that need to be heard without over-production or unnecessary fluff. Kasher’s approach to song-writing is wonderfully refreshing in an industry that pumps out music with no obvious direction. This is story telling from a golden era that may have passed

‘Everybody’s Coming Down’ is easy listening and offers real escapism. There is no pretence here but only heart-felt creations that deserve an audience.

‘Everybody’s Coming Down’ is out now on Saddle Creek

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