ALBUM REVIEW : Gold Class - ‘It’s You’
ALBUM REVIEW : Gold Class - ‘It’s You’

ALBUM REVIEW : Gold Class – ‘It’s You’

This ‘Gold Class’ review was written by Jarvis Woodman, a GIGsoup contributor

3.5*Gold Class are a band from Melbourne, Australia consisting of four members with a true taste for post-punk. Their first full length ‘It’s You’ is a definite cutthroat nod to the modern genre.

Over the past few years there have been some great bands, such as Girls Names, Savages and The Amazing Snakeheads, that have all adopted a post-punk style – with some fantastic albums released. It’s the amazing ability to take aesthetics from a previous genre, and almost adapt and shape them into something of your own, that’s what’s keeping genres alive. Gold Class are a fine contributor.

‘It’s You’ kicks us into gear with the fantastic ‘Furlong’. The listener’s head is instantly pulsing to the tune of heavily influenced post-punk. With the fast paced beat of the drums pasted together with long strums that are left out to ring, it’s building up to something great. As the vocals begin, the music alternates between heavy riffs and beats – almost as if the listener is being teased, not knowing whether to gently nod or just loose control. As the music powers down and the vocals scream “Goodbye Quicksilver,” the album is ready to move on.

‘Half Moon Over’ gives a little breather from the madness and it’s kind of lovely. ‘Furlong’ is a great opener, but also a fantastic teaser. The album starts great and then continues by feeling quite repetitive. At this point one is left wanting more of the energy and emotion from ‘Furlong’ and ‘Life as a Gun’. ‘The Soft Delay’ hooks us back into the excitement post-punk can bring. The riff and beat, once again pulses. It also feels very different to the previous tracks, bringing back the ever long plead of moreFurlong’ – it’s great.

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Being bought back up by ‘The Soft Delay’ feels refreshing, however, as the album progresses, once again it goes back to feeling quite repetitive. Once again, the listener is pleading for more, constantly on the edge of just head banging around the room – unfortunately it never quite reaches that stage. It’s extremely frustrating.

The last few tracks continue with the same style. However ‘Michael’ has an enjoyable factor to it. As he screams out “it all falls down” we are reminded of the fantastic powerful vocals Gold Class enforces upon us– it sounds wicked. The album comes to a very unusual end, introducing something very different: a sit down piano number. Although it’s not actually bad, it just feels like a very bizarre way to endIt’s You’. Ultimately it would have been great to feature tracks like this within the whole album but at the same time it still feels fairly odd.

So, there is a massive amount of potential buried within ‘It’s You’ and it’s extremely upsetting that they haven’t quite flourished this. On one side ‘It’s You’ is a ruthless homage to post-punk with tracks ‘Furlong’ andThe Soft Decay’. On the other side it can feel very repetitive at times where force-feeding similar riffs and vocals should have been avoided.

Finally, there are some great tracks on ‘It’s You’ and, if anything, there are just a few too many filler tracks on this album. Ultimately, it’s the bands first full length release and it’s a fantastic attempt. It’s sure to get the pulse beating as well as the head bouncing.  There is a lot to look forward to from this band in the future.

‘It’s You’ is out now via Felte