ALBUM REVIEW : Gold Celeste - ‘The Glow’
ALBUM REVIEW : Gold Celeste - ‘The Glow’

ALBUM REVIEW : Gold Celeste – ‘The Glow’

This ‘Gold Celeste’ article was written by Zoe Anderson, a GIGsoup contributor

Gold Celeste’s debut LP is absolutely lovely. ‘The Glow’ is aptly named; it has a positive, swelling sound to it, giving it a gorgeous, uplifting mood. The organs, guitars and drums all sound wistfully large and grand. The vocals on ‘The Glow’, however, are especially powerful: they’re beautifully harmonised, somewhere between Simon and Garfunkel and Tame Impala. Formally known as Angelica’s Elegy, acoustic trippers Gold Celeste are now signed with Scandinavian record label Riot Factory and set to go from strength to strength over the next few months. ‘The Glow’, for all of its uplifting sounds, has a sense of aching melancholy about it too. There is something lonely and haunting in the flow of the tracks, which is extremely moving. This is most certainly a contemplative piece, which moves gently and subtly along, floating into the ears.

‘Glow’ has a wonderfully uplifting and positive sound to it. Bright guitars and building synths permeate through each track, giving it an unmistakeable sound. This LP meanders beautifully: smooth drumbeats keep the pace throughout, but never shove for attention. Indeed, instruments and vocals are superbly blended together here, and it never feels like there is any jostling for space in any of the tracks. There is certainly a sound of the psychedelic in ‘The Glow’, but it is muted and subtle. Rather than blasting our ears with weird noises, Gold Celeste create a charmingly trippy atmosphere with a more acoustic sound. ‘Glow’ is, in its own way, very varied, alternating its speeds and even genres as it progresses. Tracks like ‘You and I’ have a wonderfully summery tone, whilst ‘Pastures’ features a distinct jazz piano. This effect never feels jarring however, and all the tracks feed off each other extremely well.

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Gold Celeste’s LP is blissful and wonderfully mixed. It will certainly leave you dreamy and even a little light-headed. It is also extremely diverse, following the acoustic styles of Simon and Garfunkel, but also including elements from euphoric electronic artists such as Phaeleh. Fans of ambient dance music will more than likely enjoy ‘The Glow’ as some lighter listening.

‘The Glow’ is out on the 11th of September via Riot Factory.