ALBUM REVIEW : Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - 'Blossom'
ALBUM REVIEW : Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - 'Blossom'

ALBUM REVIEW : Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – ‘Blossom’

This ‘Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes’ article was written by ‘Jack Press’, a GIGsoup contributor

5*When you’ve been at the top of the world looking down, it obviously seems a lonely place when you’ve fallen from grace and hit the bottom pretty hard. You’re probably sitting in the corner crying your eyes out letting your thoughts take over like a cancer to the mind leaving you numb and weak and passive. That’s how you feel coming out of Blossom, the debut record from former Gallows frontman and punk-rock-prodigy Frank Carter’s new outfit, The Rattlesnakes. A little less happy hardcore, and a little more pessimistic punk – Blossom is a melancholy tour de force of punk via bluesy melodic riffs and dingy dark rhythms that’ll crack your head open throughout the record.

On the brink of losing literally everything, Frank Carter opens up on Blossom like a Catholic at confession, spilling his secrets and letting them soak through the rough and ready rawness The Rattlesnakes bring to the table. Tackling topics as controversial and creative as religiously-fuelled terrorism (Paradise) all the way to announcing to the world just how much his blood boils at the mere mention of someone he dislikes (I Hate You) – Blossom is the diary of a man on a mission, a mission to cleanse the world of its sins and purging his own at the same time.

I fucking hate you and I wish you would die/ it makes me violently angry when I see you alive/ you’re a fucking mistake/you’re an embarrassment mate” – only Frank Carter could spit out these lyrics as softly as anyone could to a bassline as moody blues as the one that rides the wave all the way through Blossom’s closer – and all-round highlight – I Hate You. This diamond-in-the-rough is a radio-friendly blues-meets-punk play-through that’ll have you and so many others chanting along in unison – especially if you’ve ever hated someone so much you want them dead.

Anger. Death. Controversy. That’s what defines Blossom as a character, as something so much more than a record from a man whose life was, in his own words, down the toilet not so long ago. You can feel the anger, the pain, the very dark, dingy, and disturbingly deep feelings Frank Carter and co are suffering with in the lyrics they relay, in the riffs they play, and in the possessive nature their songs are filled to the brim with.

In truth, trying to find a flaw within the delicate layers of Blossom is like finding a needle in a haystack or completing a Rubik’s cube drunk – utterly impossible and a complete waste of your time and effort. Submitting to the pulverising pounding that opener Juggernaut brings you is just the beginning of an experience so nauseating yet so poetically beautiful that you’ll soon understand why Blossom is a masterpiece even in its rawest form.

Coming in harder than a bull in a china shop, Blossom is by far one of the finest records you’ll hear this year – packing a punch of heavy melody to boot. Simply put – the fall from grace has led to the rising of the phoenix.

‘Blossom’ is out now on International Death Cult

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