ALBUM REVIEW : EZTV - 'Calling Out'
ALBUM REVIEW : EZTV - 'Calling Out'

ALBUM REVIEW : EZTV – ‘Calling Out’

This ‘EZTV’ article was written by Jen Taylor, a GIGsoup contributor

EZTV are immediately likeable. From the first track of the New York band’s debut album Calling Out, the guitar hooks and general upbeat sentiment draws you in. The album drips with nostalgia and oozes with reminders of halcyon days. There is an innocent charm to EZTV’s music, a real genuine sense of life and happiness.

The album deserves a few listens as there is more to discover with each spin. While the songs come across well from first hearing and can definitely be taken on face value, as you delve deeper the album evolves and the songs work their way inside you. Their general sound is a throwback to American pop bands from the 60s to the 80s, and in fact even hints of The Beatles come through – not in obvious ways, but just occasional nuances in certain endings of phrases or chord choices.

The first single released from the album, The Light, is a pop music lover’s dream. The almost surf-pop guitar chords and solo will have you stuck between thoughts of the Beach Boys and summer road trips. There Goes My Girl is another song with a catchy and repetitive chorus. It has a Dylan feel to it; freeform singing with a drawl that doesn’t care too much for exact pitching. But true to all their songs, the simplicity of it overcomes these mere semantics and gives it a memorable charm.

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Blue Buzz is the moment in the album to reflect and lament the loss of a lover. While the song has a fairly upbeat feel, there is has an element of resigned sadness, with the lyrics ‘trying to be with you’ cycling as a haunting reminder of memories of heartbreak.

And as the album starts to near its inevitable ending you’re presented with the beautiful Long Way to Go. While the wood-block percussion becomes a little grating by the end of each chorus, it’s worth persevering through for the verses, where their song-writing abilities, particularly in creating their typical sentimental feel, are showcased.

All tracks on the album have solid instrumentation and some nice vocal harmonies are featured throughout. The songs seem simple (and they are, as is their charm), but they also contain some interesting elements which are woven through the album. Calling Out is well produced and contains a string of ready-made commercial sounding singles.

‘Calling Out’ is now out on Captured Tracks. The full tracklisting for the album is…

Bury Your Heart

Pretty Torn Up

The Light

Hard to Believe

Everything Was Changing

Soft Tension

Dust In The Sky

Blue Buzz


There Goes My Girl

Long Way To Go

That’s Where You Belong

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