ALBUM REVIEW : Creepoid – 'Cemetery Highrise Slum'
ALBUM REVIEW : Creepoid – 'Cemetery Highrise Slum'

ALBUM REVIEW : Creepoid – ‘Cemetery Highrise Slum’

This ‘Creepoid’ review was written by Sam Norton, a GIGsoup contributor

4*The genre was named ‘shoegaze’ somewhat pejoratively in the late 80s, based on bands like My Bloody Valentine and Moose, and was eventually forgotten with influx of grunge in the early 90s. Well it’s back in a big way and Creepoid are out to prove it on their new full length release, Cemetery Highrise Slum.

‘Gloomy’ is the word on everyone’s minds when it comes to Creepoid but Cemetery Highrise Slum is really more of an introspective album than a depressing one. As the band demonstrates from the get go, these contemplative distortion-filled songs are loaded with captivating vocal melodies that culminate in bittersweet resonance.

Whether you’re into grunge, indie or psychedelic rock, this album integrates different aspects from multiple genres. Creepoid have developed a thick droning sound – though cleaner than previous releases – reminiscent of bands like Nirvana with haunting Oasis/Smashing Pumpkins-esque vocals from Sean Miller.

Noteworthy tracks include Fingernails, in which bassist Anna Troxell picks up the mic and delivers an eerie performance, joined by a beautiful riff from a slightly cleaner guitar than on other tracks.

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The initial track American Smile, while probably being the most radio-friendly, is by no means a mainstream single. And after a few listens you’ll realise that’s exactly what Creepoid are about. The way Miller sighs “Cough at the moon/fill your lungs” illustrates perfectly the kind of apathy this band have for anything except playing the way they want to play. They know what sound they want and they hit the nail on the head with this track.

Towards the end of the album, the band get a little more dangerous on the penultimate track, Eating Dirt when they incorporate some classic stop-start catchy hooks early in the track, and then throw all conventional songwriting structure out the window as the song gradually deteriorates, slows down and eventually dies out to introduce the final Here.

If you’re after a soundtrack to ponder the existence of everything on a moonlit night while wandering the desolate streets of some desolate hollow metropolis, then Cemetery Highrise Slum is just the record for you. A stunning mix of thought-provoking pieces, this album will leave you with a nervous sense of melancholy, yet somehow anxious to hear more.

Cemetery Highrise Slum is out now on Collect Records.

The full track listing for Cemetery Highrise Slum is as follows…

‘American Smile’

‘Devil in the Subtext’



‘Dried Out’



‘Tell the Man’

‘Worthless and Pure’

‘Eating Dirt’


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