ALBUM REVIEW : Calvin Love – 'Super Future'
ALBUM REVIEW : Calvin Love – 'Super Future'

ALBUM REVIEW : Calvin Love – ‘Super Future’

This ‘Calvin Love’ review was written by Jorden Pinchen, a GIGsoup contributor

3*Canadian crooner Calvin Love returns with album number two this week (on Arts and Crafts Records). It’s an LP full of pop creations that have an embracing quality, giving it a far more honest and unpretentious feeling than 2012’s ‘New Radar’.

This time around everything has a sprightlier feel to it. His Lo-fi synth, reedy voice and drum machine samples show a new found freedom and experimentation and the whole package feels far more approachable. ‘I Wanna Know’ starts with the panning of the synth and goes straight into a hooky guitar riff which immediately grabs you. The vocals are upbeat and charismatic with a likable chorus. The strong blues influence is vivid in this track with the twangy guitar solos and funky bass lines which compliments Loves crooning style voice perfectly. Songs such as ‘Calls from Jupiter’ carry a strong cinematic vibe with great peaks of atmosphere, tension and wonderful emotion which really brings the album to life.

Although Love has definitely developed as an artist, there are aspects which still don’t completely work. At times the tracks feel a bit too minimalistic, both ‘Girl’ and ‘Automaton’ feel empty. And, while the album has a strong sense of daydreaming there are instances this is taken slightly too far.

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This is not an album that will appeal to everyone. There are areas that are vivacious but others that leave you slightly lost. However, the introduction of catchy and melodic songs and the artist’s willingness to experiment is obvious progress.

‘Super Future’ is out now on Arts and Crafts

The full track-listing for ‘Super Future’ is as follows…


‘The Rush’


‘I Wanna Know’

‘Calls From Jupiter’



‘Down the Well’

‘You & I’

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