ALBUM REVIEW : Little Boots - 'Working Girl'
ALBUM REVIEW : Little Boots - 'Working Girl'

ALBUM REVIEW : Little Boots – ‘Working Girl’

This ‘Little Boots’ article was written by James W. Woë, a GIGsoup contributor

Little Boots is named after two formally popular high street shops, which is apt considering her aim to make overly advert friendly music. The albums demographic is aimed at those able to remember the tail end of the 80s but not old enough to remember how shit they were. The bands that influence Little Boots are easily heard on the tracks, they are wide ranging but this provides an album lacking in coherences.

Unfortunately the album gets off to a bland start, the first two songs Working Girl and No Pressure are completely forgettable. Both songs sound as if they are mixed to be heard exclusively from the headphones of someone else on the bus.

The albums picks up for Get Things Done a deceptively simple tune with a prominent funky bass. This song is much better suited for a single release than the aforementioned No Pressure, although it wouldn’t storm the charts, it could have provided a catchy dance track.

Real Girl provides another solid track. On an initial listen the lyrics for the chorus sounded like “could you treat me like a real good girl” which injected a tad of male-privilege shame into proceedings. It turns out the lyrics are ” treat me like a real g-g-girl” which is much more thematically suitable for the album.

One of the main problems with the album is that it has a “sisters are doing it for themselves” vibe, but it lacks a full “fuck the patriarchy” you feel Little Boots wants to say but worries might kill album sales. Although it’s not a political work, releasing an album about the difficulties of being a hard-working successful woman without putting a real coherent message behind it.

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From track six onwards the album moves between uninteresting and banal, with an honourable mention to The Game for making me lose the game (you just lost the game).

The last track Better in the Morning proves to be the stand out song of the album and hints to a much better pop-song writer. In fact if you’ve got a decent pair of headphones or a solid sound system you’ll be able to hear a rich soundscape hiding in each song, bar the first two.

If you’re not a Little Boots fan this album isn’t going to convert you, but if you don’t mind looking over some average tracks to find some real electro-pop gems this album is worth picking up.

‘Working Girl’ is out now via ‘On Repeat’. The full track-listing for the album is…


‘Working Girl’

‘No Pressure’

‘Get Things Done’

‘Taste It’

‘Real Girl’



‘The Game’

‘Help Too’

‘Business Pleasure’


‘Better in the Morning’

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