ALBUM REVIEW : The Black Tambourines - 'Freedom'

ALBUM REVIEW : The Black Tambourines – ‘Freedom’

This ‘Black Tambourines’ article was written by Becky Peters, a GIGsoup contributor

4*The definition of Freedom is ‘to have the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants’ – the Cornish group express these actions fully in this latest release. ‘Freedom’ accentuates modern rock and roll, with its explosive sound and rich, eerie, catchy guitar rhythm. It is a representation of youth, coming of age and carelessness. Percussion runs throughout each track, giving an upbeat feel which do sound similar to, well, every intro of a Vaccines song – But this seems to work well as you feel uplifted and transported to their world of summer vibes and good times. The vocals provide a grunge-ish and rough atmosphere, almost sounding like a 90s record with the pure intensity of Sam Stacpoole’s Cobian-like voice, this compliments the extended guitar drones which are most prominent in the track ‘Cool Out’.

The first track of a record can say a lot about the rest of the album, as for this, it sets the groundwork, telling the listener ‘Hey, this is a taster of what you can expect, we hope you enjoy the rest’. ‘I Wanna Stay’ provides an upbeat guitar rift with fast paced drumming. The track is about staying awake all night and craving excitement in life, which many of us can relate to, wanting more out of life, not wasting a single moment, because even sleeping is wasting time. The track surely expresses this and represents this ideology of the record.

‘LA’ is the prefect rock summer anthem, the background rift of the guitar sounds almost like a separate instrument, giving the track many layers and providing an upbeat sound. The lyrics are very simple when it comes to the chorus, giving it a catchy commercial sound; this leaves it to be one of the most memorable tracks on the record.

‘Cool Out’, as mentioned before, stands out when compared to its album bed-mates, it has a melodic and unnerving texture, the vocals and instruments work together continuously to create this grunge feel, but it does not shy away from its modern alternative side by sticking to an indie sounding vocal. This is definitely a chilled out (or cooled out) track which is needed towards the end of an album.

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The Black Tambourines have matured musically since their first release in 2013, Freedom has a deeper sound with each track complimenting the next, showing they have found their sound and built in confidence. Many tracks show influences of The Black Keys, The Beach Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, Rolling Stones and Nirvana – a random mix of bands and eras – but they can be heard throughout the album, giving it an easy listening and familiar sound for all rock and roll fans.

With Freedom being released in the summer, it has the works of being a perfect alternative summer soundtrack. Although there are area’s of similarity, the LP offers a lot of optimism for the future, this band has the potential and makings to be the next big thing.

‘Freedom’ is out on the 4th September via Easy Action

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