ALBUM REVIEW : Aliment – 'Silverback'
ALBUM REVIEW : Aliment – 'Silverback'

ALBUM REVIEW : Aliment – ‘Silverback’

This ‘Aliment’ article was written by Henry Smith, a GIGsoup contributor

In 2012, the world was treated to its first exposure with Aliment. A pop-punk band based in Girona, Catalonia, they teamed up with record label La Castanya to bring us Holy Slap, an album that combined peppy vocals with instrumentals that gave their sound an irresistible sense of franticness. Since then, they’ve been busy. After touring with American act Obits, they came out with an EP; Costa Brava, released that same year, which further developed their sound and demonstrated that this band were no flash in the pan. Aliment released a more experimental album earlier this year called Nocturnal Symptoms, and although their experiments could be deemed successful, normal business has been resumed with Silverback, a ten-track album that will count as Aliment’s attempt two.

Long story short, it’s a very good second attempt. Although they retain the energy that made Holy Slap so engaging to listen to, there is an added backbone that indicates an increased toughness, if not maturity, to Aliment’s sound. Razors, the opening track to Silverback, encapsulates this perfectly; its percussion virtually grabbing us by the arm and yanking us into the album. There’s also an increased creativity to proceedings, with songs like Car Crush displaying more varied chord progressions and key signatures that lean slightly more towards pop than punk. It’s clear that Aliment’s talents and preferences are pop-based, but their sensibilities remain firmly punk; like most punk bands, their songs are all very short. Possible single Drink Hunter is the longest, clocking in at 3:12, and one can’t help but feel that Aliment would be better served working on some more substantial music, as this album’s main flaw is that it’s over far too quickly.

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Despite the entire listening album of Silverback being less than twenty minutes, Aliment still had time to introduce what they hope will be their signature sound. My Filthy Old Sundays is cleaner and slower than most tracks on the album, but it still retains that frantic pace that makes it engaging to listen to. This progression is continued when the very short album ends with the song Silverback. Silverback is musically very different to the other nine songs on the album; it’s not as frantic or energetic, but it employs a strong rhythm that ensures the pace of the album is retained and it still has that Aliment feel to it. If this is the sound that Aliment hope to produce in the near future, it’s almost certain to be successful. Were the instrumentals a little bit lighter, you could almost imagine Silverback as the twelfth song on Is This It. It’s really a shame that it’s only two minutes in length.

Aliment suffer from what has become an epidemic among punk bands, but clear talent and a catchy tune underlines Silverback. The subtle hints at a distinct sound indicate that while we may not have heard of this Spanish pop-punk band before, there’s a very good chance we will be hearing a lot more of them in the future.

‘Silverback’ is out on the 9th October 2015, via La Castanya

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