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“Colliding by Design” presents a dynamic modern re-imagining of a band that has been missed by many for years.

There has been a long-awaited comeback for the band Acceptance and their second album, “Colliding by Design”. They made an impact in the alternative pop punk/rock scene with their 2005 debut album “Phantoms”. Over a decade later they have returned with their second album and a familiar yet new sound.

It starts off strong with “Diagram of a Simple Man”, a powerful song about everyday life and getting caught up in mundane life but still dreaming big. Guitar and drums help make the vocals even stronger. “Colliding by Design” presents an impressive sophisticated sound making it clear why it shares it name with the album. A modern rock song about two lovers. “We Can Escape” brings the tempo down with a level-headed track with the drums pushing the song ever forward. With its themes of escaping everyday life and one’s fate. “Come Closer” is a showcase of the bands new dynamic sound, with lively drums, guitar and vocal distortion that create a unique melody.

“Goodbye” is a display  of Jason Vena’s vocals, with themes of being unable to act and missing an opportunity. “73” is a definite standout, a beautiful, gentle melodic song with a punchy chorus. A positive song about overcoming obstacles in life and growing as a human being. “Fire and Rain” is another strong addition to the record, it hits the ground running. A dynamic feel, and themes of opening up to someone with lyrics like “Will you cover your heart when you see what I’ve done?”. “Sunset” is one of the slower love songs that builds up to the chorus. A song about chasing one’s desires even after failed attempts.

The electronic piano in “Haunted” helps differentiate it from the rest of the album. Great vocals are displayed once again and build toward the chorus’s crescendo. Tones of being haunted by memories and watching someone walk out of your life. “When I was Cursed” introduces female backup vocals and continues the more electronic sound. The guitar solo and vocal harmony are memorable and create a grandeur sound. “Golden” starts slowly but builds up tempo as it progresses and acts as a fair end for the record.

Acceptance have delivered with “Colliding by Design”, while not quite as impactful as their debut album it shows a more modern side of the band.

“Colliding by Design” is out now via Rise.

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