Abiogenesis 'Biosynthesis'

Abiogenesis ‘Biosynthesis’

With ‘Biosynthesis,’ one is elevated into a galactic otherworldly dreamscape of supernal beauty and rapturous harmonic bliss
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‘Biosynthesis’ is the exquisite transcendental ambient masterpiece of Dmitriy Neschadim, better known as CJ Catalizer. This scintillating album heralds the debut of his superlative new project, Abiogenesis. In this monumental, all-encompassing utopian dimension of ‘Biosynthesis,’ Abiogenesis transports the listener into the astronomical depths of transcendent aural space, drifting in the dreamlike fluidity of graceful harmonics, crystalline sounds, and symphonious tranquility.

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Gliding in the glorious symphonic galaxy of ‘Biosynthesis,’ the space traveler is overpowered by the inconceivable gravitational pull of its divinely beautiful soundscapes. As one ascends into the stratosphere, beyond the confines of gravity, they are completely overcome by the sensational electromagnetic force of the album and swept into the vastness of interstellar auditory space. The illuminated soundscapes radiate with incandescent sparkling starlight, lustrous melodies, and uplifting piano sequences.

Abiogenesis sets this cosmic light horizon ablaze through his divine convergence of heavenly sounds and resplendent atmospheres. ‘Fluctuations’ amplifies the glittering, translucent atmosphere and sublime astral space of ‘Biosynthesis’ with a captivating female voice that evokes the sense of a mainframe navigation system aboard an intergalactic spacecraft. It harmoniously coalesces with a dazzling cascade of alluring, radiant melodies and the graceful, uplifting rhythm of this epic, powerfully distinctive mellifluous track.

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In ‘Organic Structure Part 2,’ beguiling female vocals soar above the heavenly culmination of airy sounds layered with shimmering luminescence, hypnotic arpeggios, and serene downtempo rhythm. It’s a surreal, euphonious track that provokes the sensation of floating in celestial space towards a magnificent, mesmerizingly vibrant cosmic sunset.

With ‘Biosynthesis,’ one is elevated into a galactic otherworldly dreamscape of supernal beauty and rapturous harmonic bliss. This luminous, ethereal wavelength sets the listener on a trajectory towards breathless sonic rhapsody with its profound heart-rending poignancy and dynamic cathartic liberation. The tracks inundate the heart with waves of pure, intense longing; a momentous desire to remain locked in this orbit indefinitely, immersed in the starlit glow of transcendental cosmic ambient.

‘Biosynthesis’ is out now via Altar Records.

Abiogenesis 'Biosynthesis'