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'A Map Of The Kingdom Of Ireland' shows the incredible depth of textures and treatments available in Irish electronic music, and on this latest compilation from Heresy Records.

Released via Heresy Records (a Dublin based independent label), ‘A Map Of The Kingdom Of Ireland’ is a collection of works by 16 of Ireland’s most imaginative and talented artists and bands writing electro-acoustic music. The follow up to Heresy’s ‘On The Nature Of Electricity & Acoustics’ which was released in 2013, this new collection adds another chapter to the story Irish electronic music. 

From start to finish it demonstrates a diversity of musical styles from – Nu-Prog to Lo-Fi, to shoe-gazing neo-punk to Contemporary Classical. It includes works by Daniel Figgis (Skipper), Gerry Leonard (David Bowie, Suzanne Vega, Rufus Wainwright, Laurie Anderson, Roger Waters), Cathal Coughlan (Microdisney and Fatima Mansions), Roger Doyle “The Godfather of Irish Electronic Music”, and members of the younger generation of innovative artists such as Paul Morrin and Tóirse Ó’Ríordáin. Also featured are two rare tracks from Princess Tinymeat, one of the most groundbreaking, progressive and outrageous bands of the 1980s.

From the piano chords of Paul Morrin’s “Compass” which open the album and give way to pulsing electric rhythms through to Tóirse Ó Ríordáin’s graceful harmonies and an all-too-rare appearance from Richard G. Evans (anti-guitar whiz of Dublin art shock band Virgin Prunes), ‘A Map Of The Kingdom Of Ireland’ shows the incredible depth of textures and treatments available not in Irish electronic music, and on this latest compilation from Heresy Records.

Once again compiled by Heresy Records’ founder Eric Fraad, he describes the the curatorial process for the album Fraad as, “For A Map of the Kingdom, I hoped to achieve a focused and unified sound and feel for the record despite the range of musicians and genres. I worked closely with the artists, many of whom wrote or remixed pieces specifically for the album.”

The full track list for the album is…

1. Compass — Paul Morrin
2. Atop D’Seefin (Educution remix) — Tóirse Ó Ríordáin
3. Timothy Cream’s Crown of Wines — Daniel Figgis
4. Avant Garde Your Grille – Deep Burial
5. Little Train To Heaven – Richard G. Evans with Daniel Figgis
6. Eighties Rampwalk – Roger Doyle
7. Sleep Circus (remix) — Paddy Hunt vs. Charles
8. Richard Harris Blesses The Dawn Flotilla At Guilvinec — Cathal Coughlan with the Grand Necropolitan String Band
9. Finale from The Room In The Tower – Roger Doyle
10. handsinmyhead (an intoxication in three parts) — GREETINGS
11. DriftDin – Vincent Doherty
12. Arcticus – Donald Teskey
13. Your Majesty — Princess Tinymeat
14. Stutter — Spooky Ghost
15. Unscan O’Malley — Tóirse Ó Ríordáin
16. MegaMix — Princess Tinymeat
17. Wandering Compass — Paul Morrin

The digital version of the album includes the following four tracks:
18. Old Piano – Vincent Doherty
19. Reverse – SOM
20. Audacity – Deafector
21. Rampwalk – Roger Doyle / Olwen Fouéré

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