Rising Boston Artist Juliana Cervizzi Is Wise Beyond Her Years In Debut EP, “Scared Of Myself”

Juliana Cervizzi has been singing ever since she could speak. Even at a young(er) age when she and her friends would listen to music, she would zero in on the lyrics. Juliana would try to figure out what the artist was really saying, what did they really mean? This inquisitive creative spirit in Juliana only expanded throughout her life, leading up to her raw debut EP Scared of Myself.

“The most important part of my music to me is my lyrics. I spent hours on end with the other writers really digging into my brain and soul, making sure I was really saying what I was feeling.”

The six track EP allows listeners a view into Juliana’s lyrical diary. Beginning with the title track and recent single, “Scared of Myself”, Juliana learns to accept her flaws and discusses the importance of loving yourself before you can love others.

Juliana shows her diverse musical prowess in the different influences heard throughout the EP. There is definitely a song for everyone and every mood in this inspiring and promising debut EP. Cheers to you, Juliana. We cannot wait to see what is next.

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