Exclusive Premiere: “Poor Boys (Tequila Lips)” by Stolie

Girl looks for love. Girl goes to bar. Girl drinks tequila. Girl finds all the wrong guys….. but sings about what would make the dream guy. “He’s made of chocolate…. With tequila lips”.

So goes the story of the new music video from internationally touring singer-songwriter Stolie. “Poor Boys (Tequila Lips)” was inspired by a conversation on Valentine’s Day as Stolie prepared for a show and wondered aloud if the “perfect man” (if that’s a real thing) might show up. The bar owner set her straight, “The perfect man doesn’t exist. If he did, he would be made of chocolate and filled with tequila!”. The song quickly became a fan favorite so Stolie enlisted the help of her friends and fans in her winter home, Puerta Vallarta, to bring the scene to life.

 Fun and sometimes comical bar scenes set the stage for the truthfully sassy song that explores the nuances of dating life. In the midst of  what looks like a typical Friday night, having a good time at the favorite local bar, Stolie sings about the men she typically finds herself seeking out. “I like poor boys that don’t want to work too hard” starts the laundry list of traits that characterize the men she finds herself with. Funny anecdotes seem to work their way into the lyrics in an honest and relatable way that has everyone singing along by the last chorus.

Overall, Stolie’s “Poor Boys (Tequila Lips)” strikes a chord with many people who listen… and if it doesn’t you will at least get a few minutes of a fun and cheeky tune to sing along to.  Be sure to stick around for the deleted scenes at the end…. They keep the good times going for another 60 seconds. Stolie is premiering this video at the onset of her 2019 “I Get Around” tour where she will perform 60 shows in 100 days as she traverses from Canada to Mexico to return to her winter home in Puerta Vallarta. Find tour info HERE.