Zipten ‘Midnight Walk’ Track Review

Zipten Releases Tranquil

‘Midnight Walk’ is the latest offering from Zipten and yet again he charms with distinction.

This release is the follow-up single to his two previous releases, ‘Cube Escape’ and ‘Volcano Sunset’ and once again he takes us down memory lane and straight back to the brighter times.

Similar to his last tracks, Zipten is bursting with life. Not only does the release drip energy from the get-go but it cements Ziptens name in the 2021 electronic songbook even further. Additionally, it paves the path for his year, and it boasts a futurists soundscape which is challenging to refuse.

Gliding through with electronic edge, ‘Midnight Walk’ is a cosmopolitan release with influences popping out from all corners of the globe. I relish this most about Zipten, and he continually brings something unique to the forefront.

Electronic with feel-good rhythms is the best way for me to sum up this new release. It arrives just that little bit different with a direction that I have missed from producers in his space. Furthermore, he takes us to a realm far away from the one we are in, and the journey is memorable.

As the track progress, ‘Midnight Walk’ grips with catchy hooks rising to the top of the beat-driven mix. Also, the intensity continues as we come towards the latter.