Zipten ‘Cube Escape’ Track Review

Italian Producer, Zipten Releases 'Cube Escape'

Zipten is sending electronic enthusiasts into a frenzy with his latest release, ‘Cube Escape’. Furthermore, he mesmerises with a vast bag of sounds, and the result is memorable.

Hailing from Milan in Italy, Zipten leaps forward with vigour. Moreover, he hits the industry noise with a unique approach, and his chill house technique leaves an indent like no other. For me, I relish the unconventional direction which Zipten discovers. Furthermore, the overture comes with an exhilarating arrangement which even the naysayers of electronic music will most likely savour.

From the intro, Zipten heads down a spiralling route with the structure changing regularly. It is what keeps the excitement alive, and just when you expect a drop, it re-routes down another passage, and we are often left hanging on the edge of our seat in suspense.

Moreover, musically, the track is an exhilarating cocktail of all things fabulous. However, I do believe that a little addition of vocal sampling could have given the mix a new flavour and fuller sound, maybe even an alternative version with a vocal layer could have worked wonders? Nevertheless, the instrumental speaks volumes for itself, and despite it being relatively short for a track of this nature, it stills leaves an indent.

Overall, I cannot seem to get enough of this new release by Zipten. My only tip for Zipten is to make a slightly longer mix next time because just as I am getting into the swing of the rhythm, it abruptly ends. However, this could be intentional, and if so, it does work by influencing us to stick it on again.