Zac Tenenbaum releases his debut single “Only Wanna Dance With You” featuring Asdis

Tenenbaum's debut single is a colourful, groovy track featuring the Icelandic singer, Asdis.

Born in Tijuana and raised in a Jewish orthodox community in Paris, Tenenbaum cut his teeth as an accordion player on a cruise ship in the Baltic Sea. However, due to seasickness, he had to change his plans and started working as a pool boy in a floor show in Miami.

After leaving his apprenticeship, where he worked under the famous Saul Sanchez, producing the worlds most luxurious Panama hats, Tenenbaum is bouncing onto the scene like a disco ball at a Bar Mitzwa with synths dripping like waterfalls and flamingo tears into a well of glittery bass-lines. As well as producing incredibly colourful music, Tenenbaum’s visual approach reflects his music just as much, with artsy and comic-like visuals.

With frequencies too high for dogs to hear and sound-waves low enough to make your mamma cry all condensed into his latest track, Tenenbaum proves that he’s only just started out.

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