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Yassin Drops Unplugged Version Of Hit Song ‘Take My Time’

Bringing down the tempo, Yassin has released an unplugged version of previous hit “Take My Time”.

“Take My Time” is a beautifully written love song that evokes every emotion one would expect to experience when falling head over heels. Through the use of both acoustic and orchestral accompaniments Yassin has taken an already stellar single and rebirthed it as a passionate love letter delivered through ethereal vocals and a bewitching instrumentation. This cover is a defining example of Yassin’s intimate understanding of music. 

Yassin explains his reasoning for creating an unplugged version of the previous release, “The original Take My Time has been doing so well, and we’ve been getting such a great response from fans, that we thought we’d treat them to an acoustic or “Unplugged” version. This was supposed to just be for myself to put on the B side of some vinyls I’m giving to family and friends, but it turned out so pretty, both Sean and I knew we had to release it. I wrote this song about all my favourite moments shared with someone near and dear to me. To me, the original version captures the exhilarating nature of living out those moments, and this version about holding on to each precious second of them. Or to simplify the original is meant for people to dance fast, and this one is meant for slow dancing with your person.”

Yassin is an artist that sees no restriction in genre or sound, he flawlessly weaves from one sound to another throughout his discography showcasing a full range of musical ability and understanding. He works with a variety of artists, never singing his own songs. His process focuses on featuring vocalists that match the vibe of the music, something that enables him to experiment with a multitude of sounds.

“Take My Time” is an openly vulnerable offering of emotion that will have listeners hooked from the opening note.

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