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World Mental Health Day Oct 10th: Admissions to NHS Music Mental Health Key Changes Charity Rise By 30% During Pandemic

World Mental Health Day Oct 10th: Admissions to NHS Music Mental Health Charity Rise By 30%

  • NHS referral system to Key Changes charity has increased by 30% and is projected to continue rising
  • Key Changes were working with over 3,000 musicians struggling with mental health each year prior to the pandemic – now a rising to just under 4,000 for 2020 and showing no signs of slowing down 
  • Surveys has shown that 1 in 3 musicians may quit the industry due to the knock on effect of COVID-19
  • New referrals showing high levels of depression and anxiety which if left untreated could lead to more severe mental problems such as Bipolar and Schizophrenia 

With a recent survey revealing that a third of musicians may quit the industry due to the knock on effect of COVID-19 and with world mental health day just around the corner (Oct 10th) Key Changes charity have launched a new campaign to gain 3-words of support for those suffering with mental health problems from industry professionals. Already gaining the support of the likes of ex-Radio 1Xtra DJ Ronnie Here, Mercury Nominee, NAO and 80’s legend Kid Creole, the campaign has already picked up a lot of hype.

Kid Creole’s words of support for Key Changes

Mental health charity and world’s first mental health based record label Key Changes are a charity aimed at helping musicians suffering with mental health problems. Working in partnership with the NHS, the charity support over 3,000 musicians a year experiencing mental health difficulties ranging from: depression, to anxiety, to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. The charity has seen a steep rise in admissions out to them since the outbreak of COVID-19 due to the impact the pandemic has had on artists income and lifestyles as well as the ongoing uncertainty about how the entertainment industry is going to recover. 

The charity’s recent stats are living proof of the detrimental effect the global pandemic is having upon musicians mental health within the industry – The NHS’ referral system to the charity has increased by 30% since the outbreak of COVID-19 and is steadily rising, predicting a peak this Autumn due to the climbing redundancy rates and lack of work and uncertainty surrounding income. In hand this could result in high levels of depression and anxiety which left untreated could lead to more severe mental problems such as Bipolar and Schizophrenia. Key Changes and the NHS are working together to combat this as swiftly and tentatively as possible ensuring they are doing all they can to support each and every person who approaches them. 

“The process of creative collaboration develops expression and identity, boosting confidence and wellbeing, and opening pathways to new opportunities.” 

Key Changes’ award winning service allows musicians suffering with mental health problems to express themselves and heal through music while offering consistent therapy and support as well as: studio time, artist development, professional industry advice and everything needed to help them excel within their career, including the chance to work with some of London’s top producers.

Watch the video for a recent single released by one of the charity’s artists ‘STICKZN15’ below.

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