WOLFBERRY ‘Let’s Make Fire’ Track Review

WOLFBERRY Shines On 'Let's Make Fire'

WOLFBERRY is the pop musician who is making all the difference in an industry with nuance. She comes with a direction which is unique from the very start, and she finds influence from unorthodox sources.

Kicking off ‘Let’s Make Fire’, we hear the music propel itself forward with certainty. The rhythm arrangement is gripping, and it is easy to sway to its infectious texture.

Vocally, WOLFBERRY sings about a topic which is close to her heart. She is motivated and passionate about her music, and she is not going to stop until she is at the top spot. Her message resonates perfectly with anyone who is thriving for more. Furthermore, ‘Let’s Make Fire’ is an inspiration with a message which is brazen.

The structure of this piece is similar to what you may expect in a film score. Furthermore, there is lots of accent with the music accelerating forward with crashing elements. It also hits the culmination point regularly before reaching back down to the surface ahead of more vocal deliveries from WOLFBERRY.

So, is this track a new form of pop? Well, it isn’t a hybrid given that it does sound similar to a few soundtracks from notable movies. But, it is not often that an artist releases a track quite like this one without it being part of a film. Therefore, it is impressive given that there is no movie to back it up. However, the story which WOLFBERRY narrates is enough on its own, and I doubt it needs a film for anyone to relate with it. Therefore, hats off WOLFBERRY, please do keep them coming.

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