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WAYLEY shares heart-breaking new single “Waiting For You”

WAYLEY released his first single off his forthcoming EP

Born and raised in Toronto, WAYLEY blends Indie, Folk, and Pop, to create a full band sound and anthem-style sing-alongs. His lyrics explore subjects anywhere from heartbreak to self encouragement that are held together by catchy choruses.

WAYLEY released his first single off his forthcoming EP in May of 2020 and is now following with the new single, “Waiting For You”. 

Watch the video for Waiting For You” below and check out the interview!

Can you talk to us about the inspiration behind your single, “Waiting for You”?

The inspiration behind “Waiting for You” comes from a couple of different places, but the main theme comes from the fact that I was in a pretty terrible relationship at the time, and was doing everything I could to keep it alive. We just so happened to be writing a bunch of songs at the time for the EP, so I think it all just naturally fell into place. Thew whole EP explores different angles of this relationship, and each song depicts a different moment and feeling. ‘Waiting for You’, is a time when I had a lot of hope, a time when I was trying to say I would do anything and wait for my partner to take things seriously.

How do you think your community has contributed to your success?

I think my community plays a big role in my career and has played a huge role in contributing to my success so far. Wether it’s the music community or the surf community here in Ontario, everyone is super humble and always goes out of their way to do anything they can to help me go further. It’s a great feeling to be surrounded by people who truly believe in you, and what you do.

What was the first thing that got you interested in music?

I was first introduced to music by my family. My grandma is a pianist and has been a performer and teacher her whole life. My cousin gave me a guitar in my earlier years, then my folks ended up buying me a new one and getting me guitar lessons shortly after that. That was when I was probably around 7 or 8 and I just didn’t have the interest or attention span to keep up with it at the time.

I put the guitar down after that and didn’t pick it back up again until I was 16 or 17. I would credit a couple of artists like City and Colour and NevershoutNever for inspiring me to get back into music. They inspired me to get back into playing guitar and singing by learning their songs. It was that, which lead me to begin songwriting and playing my own original songs. From there it just snowballed and now I eat, breathe, and sleep music.

Describe to our audience your music-making process.

That’s a tough question to answer because it’s constantly changing, and I’m
constantly trying to get better and change my methods to create something new every time. For the EP it was slightly different than what I had been used to in the past. Most of the songs we co-written Tal and Andre who are my good pals but also co-producing the EP.

I would typically track 20 second ideas or melodies at home whenever they came to my head, then I would bring a bunch of stuff to the boys and we would see what we wanted to work off of. The songs would change drastically from my original voice memo, but it was cool to go back and see how they had transformed over time. We were writing pretty often, and most days we would have a long session where we wrote 1-2 songs each time. I was in college at the time and would typically take the subway after class to Andre’s home studio where we would write into the late hours of the night. After we finished writing a song, Tal and I would typically throw together a demo on the spot so we had a solid idea of what it would end up sounding like.

Once we felt like we had a solid amount of tracks down, we sat on them for a while and eventually made a decision on the best 4. From there we worked off our demos to begin creating the final songs. We used a mixture of digital andorganic sounds to create what we felt was the perfect blend of Folk and Pop.

We had some of Toronto’s best session musicians come in and play on the tracks, while Tal and I also played a bunch of auxiliary instruments such as, the Mandolin and Ukulele. The bulk of the work for me was in the vocals department.

We really took our time and made sure we got the vocals just right. From what I can remember, we never recorded more than one song of vocals per session, just to keep things strong and extra crispy. We recorded everything between Andre’s home studio and the Slaight Music studio here in Toronto. Once we had everything tracked, Tal and I went back and fourth on mixes and sat on them for a while until we were happy with the sound. Then they were off to Joao Carvalho for mastering and ready to be released. Over all I loved this whole writing and recording process and how everything happened very naturally.

What advice would you give other musicians?

Focus on your art as much as you can, but focus on your business just as hard. There’s a lot of people out there with talent and great songs, but not a lot that treat it like a job. At the same time, don’t take yourself too seriously. Its very easy to get stuck in your own head and that can hold you back. Most importantly, love what you do and be a nice person, it will go a long way.

How did it feel when you released this new music?

I’ve been excited about these songs since the minute we wrote them. It felt to me like it was the best stuff I have done yet, and I still feel that way. I was nervous to release the first single, as I didn’t know how listeners would react, but I got so much positive feedback , and so many messages from new fans, so that really cut back the nerves and made me excited to release more!

And finally, if you could collaborate with any musician/band, who would it be? And why?

Wow, honestly the list would go on forever, but if I had to narrow it down, right now I think it would be amazing to collaborate with, Ziggy Alberts, Wesley Shultz, and Lennon Stella. I think they’re all incredible songwriters and would love to see what we could come up with together.

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