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Ward Thomas look forward to Country Music Week

We will be bringing you a series of special interviews to mark Country Music Week.

We begin with the much loved Ward Thomas

What are you most looking forward during Country Music Week?

It’s been such a crazy year so far. Country music itself lifts people up, brightens people’s moods. It’s all storytelling songs. And I think it’s just going to be a week of just making people in a better headspace. We’re looking forward to that. We released the album at a perfect time, basically with Country Music Week

Are you able to give us a little hint of what you’ve got planned for your session?

We haven’t actually decided yet! It’s going to be a surprise.

Please will you tell how you came you with the title for the album?

In the song ‘Open Your Mind’ we sing ‘Sending invitations to everyone around.’ We chose ‘Invitation’ because we felt like it was the perfect title to sum up every song on the album, whether it be an invitation to self-reflect, whether it be an invitation for a new beginning, whether it be an invitation for that party that we’re going to have when it’s all over. It felt like a positive spin on such a weird year.

What was on your mind when you started writing for this collection of songs?

We wanted to be open minded about everything. We wanted to reflect being open minded and positive for the future rather than dwelling on the past or the year we’ve been all experiencing.

We we’re finishing the album right in lockdown. We very lucky that we live in the countryside – it was summer and sunny outside. We naturally had a bit more of a positive vibe sonically to the music that we were producing.

There’s a little bit more of a home grown, authentic feel because we did everything from home. Our friend came and did all the photography in the field next to our house. We finished recording it all on our own recording equipment, sent all our vocals off to the producer we were working with. It was a very different experience of making an album than we’ve had before, but I think the overall message is positivity and openness to invitation.

You made this record in a new way for a new time. What was the highlight for you?


Probably being able to do vocals in your pyjamas and drink tea!!  It was quite nice to stay in one place. We love traveling everywhere, but it was quite a nice change just to stay in one place. It was quite good for focusing on our project and being really productive, because, a lot of the time we’re just driving miles to other studios or going around the country or to Nashville, which is fun.  But I do think it makes the creative process scattered. This time around, we got to really speak from us and talk about the creative process with each other, with the other people involved. It was just a really fun process.

Let’s talk a little bit about the process. Five things that you love about the actual process of recording a song might include
  • The beginning of it to the end of it. It’s one very lovely thing, it’s like building blocks and all the different blocks build a song along the way.
  • Perfecting vocals and getting to sing lots and lots and layering different vocals
  • But there are so many new things that we’re constantly learning with the recording software, playing around with sounds and vocoder with our vocals and playing around with harmonies
  • Hearing it all finished on good speakers after you’ve done the work
  • Having fun with the team.


Do you remember what the first album you bought was?

The first country record we ever bought was The Chicks ‘Wide Open Spaces’. We also borrowed from our Grandma; she had stuff like Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn.

What was the last album you brought?

Folklore, Taylor Swift – it’s a great album.

I hear you like making cakes. So if your life was a cake, what flavour cake would it be and why?

Catherine: I think it would be a coffee cake, it’s my favourite. But I don’t like coffee to drink! I just like coffee flavoured cakes.

Lizzie: For me it would be a Guinness cake, it’s chocolaty and lovely. I just love it.

Quick Fire Questions

If you had to choose, would you pick …

Kind or curious.                                     Split vote, split vote – curious and kind

Cauliflower or broccoli.                         Bit of both

The moon or the stars?                          The stars

CD or cassette                                          Cassette

Tom Hardy or Tom Hiddleston?         Tom Hardy

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