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Tyler Shaw Brings The World Together Through Heartwarming Ballads

The Canadian artist gives a taste of his upcoming album with "When You're Home"

Tyler Shaw has been charming the Canadian airwaves for nearly a decade. The seasoned songwriter has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, most recently Justin Bieber, Michael Bublé, Sarah McLachlan, Avril Lavigne, among many others for the ArtistsCAN initiative.  

Shaw’s history within the music industry has brought together countless artists and influences and it is present throughout his music. With so much experience, Shaw crafts stunning pop ballads all centered around the theme of human connection. His most recent single, “When You’re Home” is the latest example of this.

“When You’re Home” shows Tyler’s dynamic vocal range and knack for writing pop ballads. The song’s meaning comes at a time needed now more than ever. With everyone being isolated Tyler reminds us that love is what’s most important. He explains, ‘When You’re Home’ is about having security in the person you love. Home can be wherever and whenever you’re with someone you love or admire.” 

Tyler’s passion for human connection has led him to acclaim across Canada, but his music also allowed him to represent his own culture. Each of Tyler’s songs includes Chinese characters on their artwork. This was inspired by Tyler reconnecting with his father and culture. The use of these characters prove that Tyler’s love of connecting with others is present within both his music and his life.

Not only does Tyler connect people, but he connects sounds. He recently remixed “When You’re Home” with Canadian DJ Dezeko. The house rendition of the single completely transforms the track and shows that Shaw’s vocals fit just about anywhere. Much of Shaw’s music contains a multitude of renditions each showing more sides of the Canadian artist. His previous single, “Remember” features a remix with Madism. Through these different renditions, Tyler explores a multitude of genres through them connected with genres and fans from completely different walks of life.

Now with his third album in the works, Shaw has developed the foundations to expand even further. From perfecting his craft, to connecting with cultures and sounds across the globe, there’s much more to expect from Tyler throughout 2021.

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