Time to take it “EZ” with Brothers New Indie Alt Single

Dreamy indie alternative tune is one to elevate you into the clouds of serenity and relaxation

Four piece band, Brother. have created their latest dreamland indie tune with their latest single “EZ”. After getting bogged down in lockdown, everything came crashing down for many with cancellations, uncertainty and angst around health, the song “EZ” was born. After so used to being on the road touring, an adjustment to taking it easy was due, sometimes we don’t want to but it can be the best thing.

The tune is composed of a steady beat of bass and cloud soft guitar, dreamboat synths and an echoing vocals that ripple through the track with a array of soothing backing vocals. The song really has the capacity to chill you out. Not only is it sonically a momentary hiatus but lyrically is totally reassuring and a su conscious and conscious reminder to slow down. Shed those lockdown blues and turn the stress into peace with Brother. and their tune “EZ”.

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