The Indigo ‘Dizzy’ Track Review

The clashes of love can make anyone Dizzy...

Love. Some may argue that it’s the most powerful thing known to man while for others it may be the most dangerous. Indie-rock group, The Indigo’s, latest single, “Dizzy” uses a funky guitar riff, psychedelic harmonies, and figurative lyrics to convey the should I stay or should I go dichotomy that many are all too familiar with.

When in love we often completely lose ourselves, submitting to our partners desires if it means that they will stay. Throughout “Dizzy” the band uses metaphoric language like, “I’ve locked myself in the room, never even smelled the fumes.”, and “I know you been hiding the key, when you gonna let me leave.” to describe this internal battle that humans so often go through. While the content of the single may be heavy, The Indigo pairs emblematic lyrics and a groovy melody to instantly transport the listener into a kaleidoscopic dimension.

For those of you who are looking for a new song to keep on repeat throughout the holiday season, Dizzy is now out on all platforms. Be on the lookout for more dreamy singles from The Indigo, coming soon.

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