The Hideaways ‘You’re Everything’ Track Review

Laden with electrifying riffs from the very start, The Hideaways latest release You’re Everything is a monumental offering from the Bristolian quartet.

Energetic, punchy and endlessly enticing. The Hideaways new track, ‘You’re Everything’, is a brooding and youthful track, filled to the brim with electronic riffs and distinctive vocals. Jam packed with a feisty and unrelenting atmosphere, ‘You’re Everything’ is an irresistible insight into the electric talents of this emerging artist. 

Talking about their artistic ideas behind ‘You’re Everything’, vocalist Danny explained: “It’s the most electronic song we’ve recorded so far. We’ve flirted with that side of things before but with “You’re Everything” we really wanted to lean into it and get all glitchy and frantic. Obviously we made sure to keep boatloads of guitars in it and Jack is still battering his drums just in case people are worried that we’re turning into a Depeche Mode tribute act.”

With the date set for their triumphant return to the stage later this year at Bristol’s Rough Trade and this remarkable track under their belt, The Hideaways are embarking on what is set to be a thrilling year.

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