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The Herron Brothers to release self-titled album on October 23rd

The Herron Brothers expand Indie Pop with songs about Climate Change, Donald Trump, Brexit, Conspiracy Theories and Bouncy Trucks.

The Herron Brothers have announced their new self titled album, the follow up to 2018’s The Last Ones Left.

Featuring first single “Bouncing Down The Road”, and the forthcoming “High Risk”, the album was independently created by the duo between February and August this year.

“We seem to bang on about the fact that every single bit of this project, from writing to promoting, has been 100% us,” says Steven, “but that’s because we’re proud of the achievement”

“and because we couldn’t afford to hire anyone” interjects Paul.

“Oh, and actually I’m lying, the album artwork was created by Catalonian artist Arvon Wellen, who has done an amazing job of creating an exciting design drenched in colour” Steven enthuses. 

But what of the music?

 “We tried to make an album with an overall style and sound that glued all the songs together, but we totally failed” laughs Paul.

Steven adds, “Yeah, stylistically, it’s all over the shop, there’s Country and Western, Doo Wop, Indie-Pop, 80s Funk-Pop, and er Ice-Pop”

When asked about any lyrical themes, Paul states, “At first glance the songs all seem to be about different random things, but slowly now I realise, they’re about struggle, not giving up, and trying to fight your way through a world where money is the boss, and poor leadership, selfishness and entitlement seem to reign supreme”

The plan now is to “get this stuff into as many people’s ears as possible, try and pay the bills, win a few awards and then fingers crossed, next year, tour the album with the world’s greatest sounding live band”

The track listing for The Herron Brothers is ...

  1. If Your Friends Come Along
  2. Heartbreaker
  3. High Risk
  4. In The Vale
  5. Lost In Stalingrad
  6. Hardcore
  7. Bouncing Down The Road
  8. Cheap
  9. Stash It away
  10. Chunkerella Pupkin
  11. Terry Bueno
  12. Bamburgh Beach

You can find more information about The Herron Brothers at...

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