The Arthur Brothers ‘Nine’ Album Review

Classic. Contemporary. Timeless. The Arthur Brothers have delivered an album like no other for a year like no other.

Comprising of nine songs recorded across nine years, it would be an understatement to say that the debut album from The Arthur Brothers has been a long time coming.  The trio who hail from North London specialise in sounds of the preposterously vast and epic kind.  You could call it psych-rock.  You could call it cosmic-pop.  You could call it prog.  I’m just going to call it essential.

Kicking off with the tribal rhythms of ‘Ninth’, the following 50 minutes see flashes of artists like Pink Floyd, Ennio Morricone, The Flaming Lips, Tears For Fears & The Velvet Underground rear their heads.

Flowing from haunting pianos, to chanted-choruses, mountainous drumming, and kaleidoscopic pop hooks, this is an album to get you through the long dark nights ahead.  ‘Lovesunk’ boasts a Seargant Pepper esque sense of wonder.  The string-laden ‘Violent Hum’ lands a rhythmical punch.  ‘Great Escape’ delivers a smoky, sultry, woozy warmth.  And album closer ’Sun Gun’ pushes us space-wards, gently floating towards the ether on a psychedelic wave of vocal harmonies.

‘Nine’ is anunforgettable album packed which hits with a truly cinematic sound:  across its 50 minutes you’ll come across big strings, charismatic guitars, grandiose pianos, vast drums, punchy brass, ethereal choirs, barbershop quartets, and ever evolving intricate arrangements with surprises round every corner…typewriter beatboxes, cambodian violins, vibraphones, thumb pianos, accordions, harmoniums, harps, cosmic synths, toy megaphones…everything and the kitchen sink.

Classic. Contemporary.  Timeless.  The Arthur Brothers have delivered an album like no other for a year like no other.

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