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The Antipop Mvmt Release A Moving Cover Of The Cranberries ‘No Need To Argue’

The Antipop Mvmt release a touching tribute to Dolores O’Riordan with a cover of their song No Need To Argue on the anniversary of the late singer's passing.

The visionary artist behind The Antipop Mvmt, Ophelia has reimagined an already beautiful song in a way that has an interpersonal connection, whilst maintaining a unique sound that she has forged through an introspective understanding of music. A dream like soundscape is created through the use of ethereal piano notes and soaring synths, Ophelia’s vocals power above the music without taking away from the intricacies of the significant nods to the rest of the Cranberries discography that she has subtly featured throughout the track. 

Explaining the inspiration to make this track, Ophelia explains, Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries is one of my greatest idols. She is the reason I started writing my own songs. I can’t think of records that I had on repeat more than the Cranberries as a 90’s teen. She was with me for literally every heartbreak and every time I listen to their music I am taken back to a montage of my teenage and young adult self. When she passed it felt like heartbreak. I wanted to do something to honor her this year, to pay respect. The cover actually contains 7 of their songs within the song … I’m curious if folks can pick them out – some are very obvious and some very subtle.’

Taking inspiration from the dark queens of pop, Lorde and Halsye, Ophelia creates pop music with a moody aura. She uses her music as a way of unclogging her brain and as a vessel for clarity, as well as a creative outlet. Her debut album Love Me was released to great anticipation from fans and listeners alike and came receptive to great critical acclaim. 

Ophelia has also set up a NFP called Girls Rock Santa Barbara, which aims to empower and teach women through music education and the creative arts via a series of getaway camps. Ophelia’s own personal battles have enabled her to understand and emphasise those in similar positions and her knowledge of music as a healing process allows her to teach and assist those who need help. 

Having written over 500 songs The Antipop Mvmt are sitting on a mountain of potential at this early stage in their career, they have definitely proved themselves to be ones to watch in the coming years.