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The Anahit introduce their new music video to their single “To My Haters”

"Murderous beats at a cruel dinner" - an intriguing eerie revenge tale

The story of the band started in London, where Rita Csanyi the singer and songwriter of the band studied at the Institute of Contemporary Music. The name of the band is borrowed from Armenian mythology – Anahit is the goddess of wisdom, healing and water – which is not surprising, since Rita has Armenian routes. The name greatly reflects the messages of the lyrics, where feminism is majorly represented through Rita’s piercing lyrics and vocal performance.

At the start of the project she experimented on her own, forming the shape of the band’s sound. It didn’t take long for Gyorgy Havasi-Hollanda the band’s guitarist and Soma Sashegyi the bands keyboard player and producer to join, the lineup later completed by Daniel Kocsis the bands beloved drummer. Musically the audience is guided through the depth of dark pop, where the songs are spiced with dramatic elements and R&B rhythms, forming a unique musical experience. The melancholic tunes are reflections of different emotional moments and life situations, but behind all of these there’s always the message that “we’ve all been there and we’re not alone”.

The band has just released their song “To My Haters” with a music video, which is part of their third album called “Let Me Inject You with My Sins…”.

“I think we’ve never written anything similar to this before. We have been told countless times that we may be “dreaming too big” and even though we work tirelessly towards our goals we may never reach them. In this song it’s these comments we’re reflecting on with a slightly bittersweet tone, but also with implied humour and a fair amount of sarcasm. The lyrics are about a grand dinner party, where we grill our haters.” The guitar riff fills the verses with aggression and energy, which leads into a chorus that gives a sense of fulfillment and liberation. “The song To My Haters displays a new direction in the life of the band. We’re constantly experimenting with new topics and sounds and we love seeing how much new and exciting material is born out of this process.” – says Rita Csanyi about the song.

The music video of ‘To My Haters’ presents an intriguing eerie revenge tale that combines   classical gothic beauty with elements of horror. It is written and directed by Sofija Sztepanov and produced by Mindora Films and Cydfilms by Sofija and Bori Szász. It was shot one day in a gorgeous underground location with a fantastically talented cast and crew.

Sofija Sztepanov is a Serbian-Hungarian writer-director-producer. She has written and directed several short films: her biggest project to date, ‘Antifeminist’, premiered at the Reykjavik International Film Festival, won Best Foreign Short Film at the 73rd Salerno Film Festival and Best Director and Special Mention in Florence and London. Furthermore it was shown in official selection in New York, Madrid, Glasgow, Istanbul, China and many other festivals around the world. Most recently she has been selected as the participant of the Reykjavík International Film Festival’s Talent Program with her first feature film script.

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