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Taylor Swift ‘evermore’ Album Review

"evermore," Swift's ninth studio album, is the vibeyer, younger sister to "folklore" and shows off just how great Taylor Swift is

Taylor Swift ‘evermore’ Album Review
"evermore" explores country, indie pop, and stripped down songs that all make you feel like you have personally been impacted by each situation, which proves that Swift can make any song work, no matter the genre
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Taylor Swift surprised fans with another album this year. “evermore,” the sister album to July’s “folklore,” dropped on December 11th. 

The album includes 15 tracks, with two more yet to be heard on the deluxe edition, available to order on Taylor Swift’s online store. 

Although the albums parallel each other, “evermore” is vibeyer and lighter, the younger sister some might say, where “folklore” is calmer and more mature. However, even though she has been in a stable relationship for over four years now (with actor Joe Alwyn), she can still pen amazing break-up songs like “happiness” and “coney island (featuring The National).” 

“evermore” includes three collaborations from HAIM, bon iver, and The National. Again, Swift swayed away from the pop sound and experimented with similar sounds to “folklore.” “no body, no crime” featuring the former and “cowboy like me” are nods back to her country roots. 

The single, “willow,” came with a mystical music video, that picks up right where “cardigan” left off. Knowing Swift she planted easter eggs fans probably don’t even know about yet. The song is about wanting someone and the desire and intensity that comes with it. 

Like “folklore,” many of the songs tell a story of someone else, but some have special meaning to Swift like “marjorie” named after her grandmother. If you have lost someone close to you, that song hits you right in the heart. “closure” seems to be another personal, hard-hitting song. 

While songs on “folklore” seem to be more popular, fun, and tells more of a story, “evermore” showcases Swift’s ability for songwriting and ability to once again prove she can write anything and it will be a hit. Swift has hinted that it is more of a lookback. 

Even though Swift created more stripped back, indie sounding albums in lockdown, we wouldn’t be mad if she continued that trend for her 10th album and so on. The past two albums may not be pop, radio hits but still relate to fans and showcase that she is one of the greatest songwriters of our time. 

“evermore” is now available to stream on all platforms. 

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