Tanaka Makoni

Tanaka Makoni ‘The Streets’ Track Review

Tanaka Makoni Returns With 'The Streets'

Tanaka Makoni is back on the scene with her new release, ‘The Streets’. It is the follow-up single to her highly successful previous release, ‘Lust’ and once again, Tanaka hits the ball out of the park with vigour.

Fearless, from the get-go, Tanaka unleashes an essence which you will struggle to discover elsewhere. Furthermore, vocally, Tanaka can do little wrong. She brings a quality which is refreshing given the number of tracks which sound very similar in the modern space. Also, her tone is super sweet, and she gets her message across, leaving no room for any ambiguity.

Moreover, her message is piercing, and she speaks the truth about growing up in her home city, London. Nevertheless, it is not the first track to talk about the reality of growing up in the capital, but Tanaka carries a message in such a way where it is difficult not to fit into her shoes. Also, musically the track excites from the get-go. As a result, it comes with an eclectic range of sounds which reach the top with a memorable character.

Overall, ‘The Streets’ is a gem which I cannot seem to get enough of at the moment. Furthermore, not only does it prove that Tanaka is a name to keep a close eye on, but it also cements her character deep in the history books. However, where does Tanaka go from here? I expect her to keep churning out hits like this one and I am sure she will soon be on her way to the Brits red carpet.

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