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Take 5 : .wavrunner

We have a quickfire chat with potty-mouthed partay animals .wavrunner (pronounced 'waverunner'!)

Introducing exciting new US pop act, .wavrunner (pronounced waverunner) who released their debut single ‘uh huh, i like it’ via Elevation Recording Group. The song samples “Miss Broadway,” a disco hit from 1977 by French band Belle Epoque. 

‘uh huh, i like it’ has been produced by Paul Meany (Twenty One Pilots, Walk The Moon, LANY) former front man of Mutemath and one of the most “in demand” producers today and mixed by Grammy-nominated Joe Grasso (“Old Town Road”/Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus, “July”/Noah Cyrus, “Pop Out Again”/Polo G). 

.wavrunner are Jack Wesley, younger brother JJ and Griff. Brash and confident – at times a glorious cringe fest – .wavrunner are young guys who just want to hangout, party, perform and revel in all the spoils that come with it! We’re down for a deranged frat party ourselves – so we decided to hang out with Jack Wesley from the band to find out more….

When did you realise that you wanted to be a music artist? What or who has inspired you?

I was, like, 16 years-old, and I found myself freestyling all the time. I always hung out with the older kids and we would be chilling in their cars after school competing with each other to see who was the best. At first they were better than me, but eventually my freestyling skills surpassed theirs. It was my mission then, and remains my focus now, to be the best. Period!. Kid Cudi’s from my city – Cleveland, USA – and he has always been an inspiration to me. I see his music as happy, yet sad. That’s intriguing. And the fact that we both come from the same city, that’s pretty dope.

Who, living or dead, would you dream of collaborating with?

I would love to collaborate with The Gorillaz.  They are a timeless band that appeals to all types of people. Even my mom likes them. I like the fact that they collaborate with newer bands and always seem to be keeping things interesting.

Tell us about your single – ‘uh huh , i like it’- what is the song about?

It’s not really about anything. JJ was sitting in bed one night watching some late-night movie. During one of the scenes, this song plays. He Shazams the song and we find out it’s called “Miss Broadway.” It’s from a 70’s disco group called Belle Epoque. But that song has serious bounce. So we built “uh huh, i like it” around the hook and there ya go. But ultimately, I think the song embodies fun, being yourself and doing your thing. And that’s .wavrunner.

Tell us five things you love about the city/town you live in – Cleveland, USA – and why……

1 We live in a sick serene area where there is just beautiful landscape, woods and wildlife. I often find myself enjoying nature in my spare time.

2 We get the good, the bad and the ugly of the four seasons—but the good outweighs the bad. Like I said, I live by a lot of trees, so the fall months are sick!

3 Townhall Restaurant. If you’re ever in here, look it up.

4 I like that we have the best of both worlds with rural settings as well as a downtown metropolis with so many things to do including major championship sports teams.

5 Cleveland is located on the north coast of America. We sit on Lake Erie and the other side is Canada. I love being on a big body of water. Lakefront living in the summer is really fun and I enjoy boating.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

To me, 2021 represents the probable end of COVID. This is the only thing holding any of us back. Whether you live in Cleveland, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Sydney, Capetown, Hong Kong, you are dealing with f**king COVID. I am so sick of this. So, yeah, I can’t wait to get this shit behind us so that we can hit the road and start doing live shows. Once we get the green light, I promise you .wavrunner is coming and coming hard!

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