Sarah Leaver


Bournemouth's beat duo talk music, lockdown, and plans for the future

Described as ‘Beat poets for the beaten generation,’ Bournemouth’s STOCKSNSKINS use their seaside isolation from the wider world, musically and emotionally, to explore the daily lives and lies they see around them every day. The Drinks ‘n’ Nibbles duo has shared some thoughts with us about life, lockdown, and music.

Tell us a little about yourselves

Rich: Reactionary duo formed as result of over exposure to singer songwriter open mic closed minds ‘performers’.

Ade: A calling to produce and perform something different from the rest.

How would you describe your sound and art?

Rich: Arguably we provide intelligent meaningful words set to a bassy backbeat.

Ade: Art is formed in many different ways. STOCKSNSKINS’ art is unique.

Why do you make music?

Rich: It’s what I do! Personally, an unbelievably shit 2020 made me even more focused on music.

Ade: Artistry, personal release. I just love writing and mixing it with Richard’s music. It comes together really well.

Recommend us some music. Who else should we be listening to right now?

Rich: The new Tindersticks track, Man Alone, (Can’t Stop the Fadin’).

Ade: Spare Ribs by Sleaford Mods is brilliant. Also been lending my ears to Heaven 17 recently. I really like them.

Rich. Damion (Jurrens) aka The Cowls. He’s very gifted and I love the way he dismembers his music in his recent live broadcasts. Also, we collaborated on some music, I sent him backing tracks that manifested as our joint project Puvirnituq.

What are your plans for the rest of 2021?

Rich: When lockdown breaks have a heap of backing tracks for Ade to wrap his tonsils around. Bring it on! And a couple of collaborations we can’t talk about yet.

Ade: Doesn’t feel like this is ever gonna end, but it will and then we’re eager to get out there. New music. More gigs. Can’t wait.

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