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Take 5 : Midge Robie

Midge Robie are Fools for Your Love

Midge Robie is a brother duo based out of Ohio. They just started making music about 2 years ago. “Kylie” is their biggest release so far. It has garnered over 12,500 streams on Spotify and over 7,8000 views on YouTube. It is growing every day. The brothers have a lot of music and new films coming before the end of the year and even more in the works for 2021.

What inspired the thematic black and white intro to your new music video for Fool for Your Love?

We love film noirs because the distance that is ever present in them and the rawness. For us, film noir inspires different kinds of emotions that may seem beyond reach in a modern age. Our film conveys a struggle that is taking place in between and around what is easy/difficult to say and feel.

How does the contrast of that black and white footage fit in with the wide screen full color?

Not only does that contrast help tell the story, it adds a thematic element we love to play with: the combination of different styles over different time periods, which is all inspired by music, films, and dreams from years and years ago, just yesterday, and tomorrow.

What is the meaning of the outro?

We should know by 2027.

Fans of what artists will enjoy your music?

We’re very versatile and like to experiment, but Post Malone and Drake come to mind; we got our sights set high.

What’s next for Midge Robie?

More music, more films, more energy; we’re really exploring and furthering our sound and visuals coming in to the new age.

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