Take 5 : Flynn

We caught up with rising Irish star, Flynn. We talk firsts and his new single 'B-side'

Flynn’s big breakthrough came when he featured on Lost Frequencies’ ‘Recognise’, which has since reached 42 million streams.

He was raised in County Westmeath, Ireland before relocating to Bristol to focus on a career in music. It required determination –  he might be found busking in Bristol then writing in London before working shifts in a restaurant. A combination of talent and tenacity is now paying off.

Flynn, welcome, glad to speak with you today. How are you today?

Good thanks!

What was the first record you brought and what do you still love about it?

The first record I ever owned was “The Marshall Mathers LP” I literally still love everything about this album. Every song is perfectly crafted and the production is so organic and just real.

Do you remember what the very first song you wrote was about and why you wrote it?

Yeah so I wrote a song on a bench at Bristol airport when I moved over there first. The busses were delayed and I had a few hours to kill so I wrote a ‘’terrible’’ song called ‘’The Bench’’ haha!  I had no idea what to expect because I was just off the plane and had never lived away from home before and I just wrote about how I was feeling at the time I guess. I actually still have it on paper somewhere, I don’t think it will make the album though…haha!

What was the inspiration behind your new single ‘B-Side’

B-Side is basically a song about heartbreak, but despite it being a harsh lesson, letting go and having no hard feelings Instead of letting it destroy you.

Five things that make you content might include …..






What are hopes for the rest of the year?

To get my EP out there and just promote that really! I’ve been working hard on these songs for years now so I’m really excited to show everyone!

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