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Anna Reed

Take 5 : Ci Majr

We chat with Ci Majr following the release of 'Guillotine' taken from her forthcoming EP

Emerging non-binary singer, songwriter and producer Ci Majr sits down with us to talk all things ‘Guillotine’, the unmissable new indie-pop single taken from her upcoming, debut EP, Side Effects. Bursting with up-beat, danceable energy and accompanied by a striking, homemade music video, ‘Guillotine’ boasts all the shiny bells and whistles of a dazzling, contemporary pop anthem, from killer lyrics (literally) to vivacious beats, ‘Guillotine’ has it all.

The release of ‘Guillotine’ follows shortly on from Ci Majr’s ‘Summer Drug‘ which was released in January to praises from the likes of Indietronica, She Makes Music, PopOn&On and Chill Sounds Good Music, to name but a few.

Still reeling from her success and hoping to recreate it yet again, Ci Majr sits down to talk all things ‘Guillotine’, future plans and lyrical prowess…

Entirely self-written, ‘Guillotine’s’ inspiration came to Ci Majr (Ciara Adkins) during the peak of the political tensions in the US back in  2020. When engaging in conversation between family and friends, she noticed that things seemed to be going round in circles with nobody really listening, quickly realising that people’s egos were what was getting in the way of any meaningful communication and understanding. Taking this concept and expanding it to include romantic relationships, Ci Majr wrote ‘Guillotine’ as a response, learning a lot about herself in the process…

– The lyrics in ‘Guillotine’ will resonate with a lot of fans and listeners out there, is it important to you that your music is relatable to others?

“Totally! It’s honestly comforting to know that people relate because a lot of the songs do come from my own personal experience. Knowing others relate makes me feel less alone in those feelings and I’m guessing it does the same for the people who are listening. Music has the magical way of making us realize we all aren’t as different as we think we are!”

– We LOVE the ‘Guillotine’ music video, what was it like creating a homemade visual for your song?

“It is extremely hard! Much harder than expected! Thankfully, my friend Danie Harris was a lot of the brains behind the video. She’s in Philly and I’m in Atlanta, so we had a bunch of zoom calls where we, Danie mostly, planned out the video. She told me everything I’d need to buy to make the video in my apartment: backgrounds, paints, clothes, lighting, etc. My fiancé was the “hands” in the video so she and I spent a day or two testing out everything and choreographing some hand movements. Then over the span of the next week every evening we’d shoot a little more of the video. It took a lot of time but was completely worth it!”

– What are 5 things, big or small that you hope fans and listeners take away from ‘Guillotine’?
  1. “If you’re having recurring disagreements with someone you care about, instead of thinking about what they can do differently, take some time to reflect on how your ego/emotional baggage/insecurities might be contributing to the problem.”

  2. “It’s okay, and quite healthy, to cut people off.”

  3. “Not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever.”

  4. “Set your boundaries and stick to them.”

  5. “If you’re looking for a sign to cut someone off, this is your sign!”

–  What do you hope for yourself in the future when it comes to you and your music?

“I’d love to put out another couple of EPs after Side Effects is out and then hopefully put out an album, and once we’re out of the woods with COVID-19 it’ll be time to start performing. But in the far future, I’d just love to have made a name for myself as a black, queer pop songwriter, and I would hope to play some part in making black queer kids feel like pop music is for them too.”

– You’re releasing your debut EP, Side Effects next month, could you give us some exclusive info on what to expect?

“You’ll get two more upbeat songs and one that’s more like a ballad! That’s all I got!!”

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