Take 5 : Broken Bricks

Broken Bricks' Worgie on life after covid, his songwriting inspirations, and keeping it local

‘NASA’ is the second single from London based electro, disco-punk, indietronic trio Broken Bricks, which comprises of producers Warren Borg (aka Worgie), Lee Hughes (aka Yewzi) along with vocalist Christianne. This single is the band’s follow up to the popular debut single release ‘Slow Down’.

NASA’ is an atypical love song; the story of yet another break up, it could be depressing or mournful but instead features a driving tempo and a big, dirty bassline to make you jump up and down, all mixed up with a lush singalong chorus.  

Broken Bricks grew from the ashes of Worgie & Hughes’ punk band, Bricks, after their bassist left; at this point they began to record more electronic music, but something was missing… realising that they needed a female vocalist, they began working with Christianne, whose background was RnB and hiphop, and their sound evolved from there. 

This melding of musical styles and genres is the core of Broken Bricks’ sound. Their eclectic influences include Maribou State, Thom Yorke, The XX, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Amy Winehouse, dark garage and grime music, Massive Attack, Bob Dylan, Etta James and Lauren Hill. The rest of the album, A Perfect View To Run, which will be out later this year, blends more punk and funk, with hints of  late Prince in the style of the guitar riffs.

Broken Bricks also host a podcast, ‘Thru the Daw’, where they chat with music industry professionals about how they went about developing their passion into a career. 

When did you realise that you wanted to be a music artist? What or who has inspired you?

Worgie: I was about 7 or 8, absolutely obsessed with Music and Dancing. Discovered Michael Jackson and Motown as my house always had a soundtrack… Fast forward to learning guitar from a friend in school, seeing Oasis on telly and Bob’s your uncle, I was obsessed.

Who, living or dead, would you dream of collaborating with?

Worgie: Bjork, always. Her production, writing and artistry has evolved so so much whilst exploring genre and always lyrically honest and full of direct emotive language. I’d love to make music with her.

Tell us about your single ‘NASA’ – what is the song about?
Worgie: NASA. I wrote the words to NASA after a string of events that fundamentally ended in breakup. Like an emotional self assessment of sorts, claiming that if this is how it is, it’s time for Space. Hence NASA haha…
Tell us five things you love about the city/town you live in – Leigh on Sea – and why……
Worgie: The Sea. Beautiful and peaceful. We finished our record in Leigh on Sea and it spawned the title, “A Perfect View to Run’.
Amazing coffee shops. Without Caffeine, the wheels in the cogs ain’t turning…
Cheap Oysters and Guinness. The long summer days in Old Leigh, getting sunburnt and eating seafood is amazing.
SS2 Studios. An amazing recording studio with amazing kit, musicians and a great place to make music.
Venues. Southend still has old venues to play. Keeping local music alive is the only way new musicians can be heard.
What are you most looking forward to this year?
Releasing our record and playing as many music shows as humanly possible. You gonna hear us. I promise!

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