Summertime Sadness: The Folks Around Town Release New Album ‘Sun and Gloom’

New Album Available On All Major Streaming Platforms

Oakland, California indie-rock project The Folks Around Town have released their new album, Sun & Gloom. The album features 8 indie rock/pop tracks perfect for laying around, thinking about what might have been. And that appears to be exactly what singer-songwriter Rushi Panchal had in mind:

Most of the record was written after I had finished grad school and was back home in Ohio,” says Panchal, “I was unemployed, depressed, burned out and just imploding. The end of 2018 and start of 2019 were some of the most intense months of my life. I was trying to finish up our last album, Basement Years. while also completing a graduate degree and defending my thesis. It was just non-stop. Then, one day, I graduated and my life went from crazy, go-go-go to nothing. I had no where to go, nothing to do, just living back in my mom’s house with her and the family dog. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Thats when I started working on Sun & Gloom.” The album’s themes and even it’s title are direct representations of Panchal’s mindset as he faced down the Summer months. “Initially, it was just a way for me to cope with whatever I was going through – the weather was warming up, it was beautiful outside and I was spiraling into depression,” explains Panchal, “I think that’s why a lot of the songs sound upbeat and sunny but the lyrics are kind of a bummer. The rest of the album was written after I moved to the Bay Area where even during the winter time, the weather doesn’t change much. Its just a lot of sun, all the time. I was just getting sick of the sun, and it seems like the record is about that.”  

The album was preceded by two singles, ‘Alligator Swamp (Undressed)’ and ‘Had I Love Her More (Fancy Clothes)’. Like most things with The Folk’s Around Town, the recording of ‘Alligator Swamp (Underdressed)’ was a collaborative effort. Musically, I had made the bass part using a software preset and played the rhythm line. I wrote the lyrics on top of it but didn’t show them to Theja.” says Panchal, “Instead, I just sent the music and told Theja to do whatever he wanted to with it. He turned back 90% of what you hear now. We got a drummer, Jai Dhar, to play on it as well as my friend and old band mate Dan Topp – who sang some back up and the very cool harmonies and interlude guitar lines. Alligator Swamp is a perfect example of the project’s collaborative nature. I put the skeleton together and asked people who I trust musically to do what they please with the music.”

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