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Summer Payton ‘Mouth Dry’ Track Review

An exciting glimpse into Summer Payton's future

Chicago-based R&B singer-songwriter, producer, and musician Summer Payton has shared her emotionally charged new single “Mouth Dry”.

With many strings to her bow, Summer Payton has put her talents to the test with new “Mouth Dry” as her vocals take centre stage in the soft R&B track. The singer’s vocals come through especially strong on the track’s chorus, where Summer shows off her impressive vocal range, layering her voice to create a stunning harmony.

‘‘‘Mouth Dry’” is an exploration of a long-distance relationship. A metaphor for an expression of loss, speechlessness, hopelessness.”

Oozing with seductive grace, Summer Payton’s “Mouth Dry” is a perfect showpiece for the talent she wields and will hopefully feature within her debut E.P. ‘The Golden Hour’ that is due for release December 25th.

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