Suman ‘Let Go’ Track Review

Suman Releases New Single 'Let Go'

Suman is riding the flag for British hip hop once again with her new delivery, ‘Let Go’.

It is a track which takes hints from a variety of sources, and I can hear an eastern influence making the mix as well as a contemporary pop vibe which arrives just that little bit different. For me, the vocal on this track is the real breadwinner with Suman smashing the nail on the head with vigour. Furthermore, her confidence oozes out of the mix, and she leaves an indent with a message which is piercing!

Nevertheless, the music is also just as flavoursome with an eclectic range of sounds popping out as the track progresses. It is what I enjoy most about Suman and her producer Ayo Beatz. Moreover, they always have us hanging on the edge of our seat in suspense of what is to come next.

Towards the latter, Suman gets even more profound, and her message rings out with conviction. Furthermore, she sings about her experiences in relationships with her speaking a message of letting go of a loved one. Sad, but real and I am sure we have all been in her shoes at some point.

Overall, ‘Let Go’ grips like never before. Also, the rising British star proves why she is one of the most exciting starlets in UK hip hop. However, what is next for Suman? I would expect Suman to carry on her reign, but I imagine she will keep mixing up her sound; it is what she does so well.